In bread we crust

SAWERDŌ intends to offer something simple: delicious and nutritious bread. In an industry dominated by industrial goods, these qualities have become increasingly uncommon. We will work with selected farmers in the region that value the land and the nutritional value of what they produce, to produce a healthy and delicious offering of natural sourdough bread. But we won’t stop there. SAWERDŌ will be a bakery, yes, but also a café, a restaurant, and a brunch spot - common thread? deliciousness!

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SAWERDŌ = Special ?

Oh yes, and here’s why:

  • We serve only sourdough bread produced on-site showcasing the know-how of local players who work with ancient, organic flours without additives nor preservatives
  • A menu designed by Benjamin Breton, a Michelin star awarded chef that revolves around sourdough bread and inspired by the concept of fermentation.
  • A friendly setting and a warm atmosphere to enjoy a coffee (fair trade and roasted locally) and nibble on a homemade pastry throughout the day
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This is where you come in!

The Covid situation has affected our renovation works, delaying it significantly. Which resulted in greater financial needs. As of now, we need 35’000 CHF to be able to wrap-up our project. This amount matches the price of our oven: the NXDP-32