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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Amsterdam. But this may be of interest to you.
Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Umweltlager auf Ameland

Die 8. Klasse der Rudolf Steiner Schule Zürich möchte ihren Umwelteinsatz in Ameland (Holland) durchführen. Dazu brauche wir deine Unterstützung!
by Dirk Dietz, Hollum
179% funded
CHF 2’696 pledged
27 backers
Film and Environment

Wege aus der Ökokriminalität

Per Anhalter, mit dem Auto, Bus, Bahn, Flugzeug oder lieber mit dem Segelboot? Eine Dokumentation über's Reisen, Hedonismus und die Spuren, die wir in der Welt damit hinterlassen.
by, Vienna and Groningen
113% funded
EUR 1’820 pledged
26 backers
Politics, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Swiss Youth at the COP23

Swiss Youth for Climate is going to the COP23 in Bonn to make sure that the promises born from the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 at the COP21 are translated in concrete and ambitious actions.
by Swiss Youth for Climate, Bonn
134% funded
CHF 3’355 pledged
28 backers
Technology, tourism, and Environment


SailLink is a convenient & zero-emission sailing passenger service between UK & France. It uses sailing catamarans to take 12 people and is specifically designed for those travelling by train or bike.
by SailLink, Dover and Boulogne-sur-Mer
100% funded
EUR 4’500 pledged
14 backers
Startup, Community, and Environment

CLIMA – Climate Youth Fund

We are the first Climate Youth Fund; dedicated to engaging in funding climate tech and service innovation projects of young entrepreneurs, co-designing intergenerational future solutions.
by 25onehundred, Zürich, Athens, and London
200% funded
CHF 50’007 pledged
240 backers
Film, Politics, and Environment

Not Your Bee

Support us to realise this movie! We know mankind's fate is linked to the bees. Redefining our relationship to these little creatures is what this film is about.
by Dimi, Ghent, Basel, and Hamburg
115% funded
EUR 40’459 pledged
280 backers
Kids / Youth and Environment

Swiss Youth in Paris

Swiss Youth for Climate, an association open to ever young people of Switzerland in order to give them a voice in climate debates, goes to Paris for the COP21.
by Swiss Youth for Climate, Paris
105% funded
CHF 3’691 pledged
58 backers
Fashion, Fair Trade, and Environment

Die rote Zora Seemannsgarn

Kein Seemannsgarn: Die rote Zora jetzt auch für Männer! Fair Fashion made in Germany seit 2009. Aber was ist mit den Jungs? Wir haben Lust darauf und schonmal eine Männerkollektion für euch entworfen.
by Die rote Zora and silke@dierotezora, Stuttgart
103% funded
EUR 10’330 pledged
71 backers
Science, Publishing, and Environment

Die unheimlichen Ökologen

Ecopop – 2015 kommt die Volksinitiative an die Urne. Zeit, nicht nur die Idee zu hinterfragen, sondern auch einen Blick hinter die historische Kulisse der Umweltbewegung zu werfen.
by Balthasar Glättli, Basel
128% funded
CHF 6’430 pledged
62 backers
Community, Environment, and Education

A journey for life

Since 1994, the Zapatista movement has inspired social-ecological struggles worldwide. At the end of August, the caravan is expected to visit Basel. Help us to finance this event together in solidarit
by Collective Climate Justice, Basel
129% funded
CHF 5’160 pledged
53 backers
Community and Environment

Rettet die Retter*innen

Im Rahmen eines Hausabbruchs haben wir eine Kupfer-Felsenbirne gerettet und ihr im Skatepark am Basler Hafen ein neues Zuhause geschenkt. Nachträglich sind daraus Kosten von 5'460.-CHF entstanden.
by Dino, Basel
111% funded
CHF 6’071 pledged
43 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment


In the summer of 2019, courageous climate activists blocked Crédit Suisse & UBS in Basel & Zurich demanding a climate-friendly future. Now the legal-process awaits them. #Bankenprozesse
by Collective Climate Justice, Basel, Zürich, and Geneva
106% funded
CHF 45’106 pledged
295 backers

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