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successful projects close to Addis Ababa in film

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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Addis Ababa. But this may be of interest to you.

Film, Community, and Environment


Le Cinema Déambulant

by Le Cinema Déambulant

Swan around Africa with my bicycle and a sustainable cinema to raise awareness for the climate and share culture from all over the world! The bicycle will produce the electricity. Amazing, right?!

CHF 4’898
122 %
83 backers


Gaza and Zurich

Wir möchten die Dreharbeiten zu einem Filmprojekt über das psychosoziale Engagement zweier Schweizerinnen zusammen mit ihren palästinensischen Kolleginnen in Gaza realisieren.

CHF 4’474
178 %
35 backers


Mitzpe Ramon, Netiv HaAsara, and Tel Aviv-Yafo

Love, War and a Cat

by Fiona Ziegler

A personal based road-movie that leads young Czech Kateřina in search for Ben to a kafkaesque world that ends in the Negev, where she realises that her search for love starts with and in herself.

CHF 3’091
103 %
36 backers


Berne and Jerusalem

the holycoaster s(HIT) MOVIE

by Ruby Edelmann/Sascha Engel (MSDH), PENG! Palast, and Dennis Schwabenland

The theatre group PENG! Palast & the Israeli Machol Shalem Dance House create their first movie. Provocative but highly constructive involving a lot of sensitive global and personal history. Help us to realize it!

CHF 9’240
102 %
58 backers

Photography, Film, and Environment

Fribourg and Antananarivo


by Macromascar, Nouvelle Planète, and Association Glocal

Un documentaire et un reportage photo! Ensemble, nous réaliserons un projet de développement durable à Madagascar, puis une exposition et des cinéma-conférences à Fribourg!

CHF 36’680
122 %
258 backers

Film and Community

Chur and Antananarivo

Augenblick Madagaskar!

by Fa_gra and dom_hei

Madagaskar – die rote Insel. Die zweitgrösste Insel der Welt weckt die Neugierde vieler Menschen. Wir wollen mit unserer Webdokumentation Geschichten aus dem Alltag der Menschen Madagaskars erzählen.

CHF 3’240
108 %
40 backers

Science, Film, and Environment

Lausanne and Libreville

Une série de 15 micros documentaires tournée à travers la forêts primaire du Gabon qui vous propose de partir à la découverte de la faune gabonaise et de ses enjeux de conservation.

CHF 4’000
133 %
47 backers




by Johanna Heusser

A Greek island: Tinos. A paradise for dropouts, anarchists and emigrants - and new luck. For 40 years home of Heidi - my grandmother, the main character of this story.

EUR 12’566
125 %
39 backers

Film and Music

Mumbai and Zurich

None Of Them & Zweihund

by Nice Try Records

«None Of Them» make music for the 22nd century. Filmmakers zweihund will shoot a video clip in India for the song «Silence», which will appear simultaneously with the debut album.

CHF 6’110
101 %
56 backers

Film and Community


Grâce à vous, je pourrai réaliser mon projet: un documentaire dans les territoires montagneux du nord de la Grèce, avec une famille réfugiée syrienne.

CHF 2’011
167 %
40 backers

Film, Kids / Youth, and Art

Lomé and Cotonou


by Indi_casa, Loic Clapstories, and Gains’Skeye

Contribute to this life project with us. Together we will make a beautiful documentary about an orphan reconnecting with his family and his journey to get there.

CHF 22’377
111 %
136 backers



IDDU – Island Stories

by Miriam Maria Ernst and Stefano Bertacchini

Stromboli – a volcano island in transition between old traditions and modern times. A documentary of island stories told by its inhabitants over four seasons.