The Organic Fashion Utopia.....

  • Because you love to see the world as the garden in which we live.
  • Because you want to nurture the mind and body with delicious veganista recipes.
  • Because you like to be inspired by the newest vegan cosmetic and fashion concepts with some big hearts for animaluv.

T.O.F.U. is set to inspire you on trend and is beautiful in every way. T.O.F.U. meets your vegan needs and the planet you live on!

Why I need your support

T.O.F.U. needs YOU now, to get the first issue printed and get out to the world! This magazine is a new way to give a sign for the future. The future is vegan and trendy. You can change that with me by supporting T.O.F.U.

The 9000 Euro are calculated exactly for all the printing costs as well as the costs to let this fresh modern magazine be binded. The distribution costs will be financed by myself.

On behalf of T.O.F.U. I thank you for your help. Every bit helps. Let the vegan fashionable love be spread through T.O.F.U.

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