The Mexican culinary variety has brought a closer acquaintance with the fellow citizens, who has ever been to a Mexican market or has traveled through this many-colored, colorful and, above all, taste-intensive country to confirm that Mexican food has nothing to do with Tex-Mex. A thousand years of recipes and preparation methods, compatible with a seasonal consideration. A taste trip through a part of the history of our humanity. An explosion of the senses.


An Ecologically Conscious Approach

On the one hand by choosing my dishes as my main product; The Tamales, a Mesoamerican dish with a history of several thousand years. A plate that can adapt to many variations; Whether sweet or salty, vegetarian or with meat even vegan it can be. Therefore it is very easy to adapt to seasonal and local products. The best is to try one and the same to get a whole meal from Tamales.

A new finish

A trailer with equipment and a suitable vehicle. For a more professional appearance, I need a better appearance. For hygiene regulations easier to keep. For a better and more effective preparation of the products.