Project’s description

The artist collective Tokyo Data is on its way to create a unique publication, hand made and limited edition! Silkscreen printing, collages, illustrations, texts, flying surprises and a documentation of the collective's work. All of this made by hand and with love for each publication to be unique. We ought to make everything we can to show you how much this publication will be awesome.

The format of the publication will be approaching DIN A4 and will contain about 50 pages. It will be made with different production techniques such as silkscreen printing, offset 4/4 and 5/5. This publication will showcase the body of work of the collective, plus original creations made especially for the publication.

The opening exhibition of this publication is scheduled to happen in fall 2014. It will be followed by an all-nighter party with live music, presentation of the collective's work, hectoliters of juicy beer and deep and philosophical conversations with our very own unicorn-pet.

During this WeMakeIt campaign, expect the unexpected and surprises!

Tokyo Data?

Tokyo Data is an artist collective formed in early 2013 and counts active members in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the UK. We are motion and sound designers, visual artists, developers and musicians. Our force lies in this effeverscent melting-pot of singular skills and personalities, enabling us to create and showcase different installations and interactive multimedia projects.

This first year of collaboration has been marked by the performance De Koog (presented in Rome, Lausanne and Berlin), the short movie Netzmensch (awarded by La Maison d'Ailleurs) and the interactive installation Silla (created and presented at Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin), and more recently by the production of «Crestfallen», the music video of Kamikazes's latest EP.


  • Adriane Morard (Bern) : Visual artist   
  • Alexandre Gaeng (Zürich) : Art director  
  • Alex Maurer (Berlin) : Sound designer and musician  
  • Christian Raemy (Zürich) : Interactive developer  
  • Giordano Dini (Pisa) : Motion designer  
  • Louis Gasser (Lausanne) : Visual artist 
  • Sam Andrae (Manchester) : Musician and DIY artist  
  • Yannick Tinguely (Berlin) : Sound designer

Philosophy of the collective

Tokyo Data Collective has for vocation to create interactive artistic universes, joining a vision of the world, where technology offers new ways of considering and appropriating various creative art forms. Its main focus is to develop projects setting up transdisciplinary symmetries between video art, sound design, sound architecture, performance, interactive design and fine arts.

Besides its strictly artistic references, the collective draws its inspiration from political and social issues. It expresses its ethical and aesthetic questioning through multidisciplinary, dynamic and interactive works. Its approach aims to deepen the theme of cognitive saturation faced by individuals in our society: its works examine the selectivity of our glances and the ability of the human mind to synthesize the overwhelming volume of information, solicited or not, to which he is confronted on a daily basis.

The issue of social interactions generated by the artistic creation is a central element of Tokyo Data’s approach. Its projects aim to create a reaction from the audience and to integrate it actively into the creation process.The finality of this approach is to establish a dialogue replacing the contemplative role traditionally attributed to the audience.