DasPure invests in a new vegetable kitchen. We produce miso, shoyu and garum of the highest quality. With the new kitchen, production will be more efficient and new products will be created.

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This is what it's all about.

We, DasPure, are investing in a new plant kitchen and will focus even more on plant proteins in the future. We are convinced that in a few years the demand for plant-based products will increase and this is where we start with our plant kitchen. That is why it is very important that we make our production of miso, shoyu and tempeh more efficient and simplify production. Thus, we gain time and have the opportunity to create new plant-based products.

DasPure, was founded in 2009 by Patrick Marxer and today counts a team of about six people. Behind the name DasPure stands more than just selected delicacies and fine food. For us, organic production is synonymous with high quality, gentle and traditional processing, and animal welfare. We work together with nature - out of conviction. Thus, all of our carefully selected products meet the high standards of a responsible approach to nature. But not only the love for nature can be found in our products, but also our own passion as well as joy for good food and unrestricted enjoyment.

In the new plant kitchen, workshops on fermentations will also be offered and participants will gain a great insight into the world of lactic acid and koji fermentations. We thank you already for all your support.

You can find more about our company and our delicious products online: https://www.daspure.ch/.

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My project is special because ...

Today, our products are made almost exclusively by hand. In order to process orders in a timely and efficient manner, we need more space and machines for the production of miso, shoyu and fermented vegetables.

We set high value on quality of raw materials and use only organic products. A flawless and short supply chain is important to us, which is why we source almost all raw materials from the immediate vicinity. We stand for ecological and sustainable delicacies. Our craft must become more efficient, so that we can supply all organic retailers and customers with the desired products on time.

This is what I need backing for.

With your support we finance the expansion of the plant kitchen and can buy machines for processing.

For the processing of raw materials we need a cutter, a koji room and a blast freezer. All this equipment will help us to make production more efficient. In the long term, our resources will be invested in creation and new products, so that we can bring new, ecological products to the market.

With the support of the community, CHF 35,000 will be raised in a first stage. However, we are dependent on further support and have therefore planned two more stages. The goal is to collect about CHF 50,000 at the end of the 50 days, so that the «MUST»devices can be purchased in addition to the «SHOULD» devices. With the achievement of all three stages, we will make tedious tasks easier for our employees and make production more efficient in the new year.