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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Ōsaka. But this may be of interest to you.
3 Houses By Kazuo Shinohara

Photography, Publishing, and Architecture

Zürich and Tokyo

3 Houses By Kazuo Shinohara

by Christian Dehli, Andrea Grolimund

House in White, House in Uehara and House in Yokohama – a book about three of Kazuo Shinohara’s most representative works at a whole new level of detail and observation.

120 %
CHF 30’102
219 backers
Public Housing in Japan


Tokyo and Zürich

Public Housing in Japan

by Marco Pompili

A book on the development of multi-unit housing in Japan and on the work of the Dōjunkai association, the first Japanese governmental housing authority.

103 %
EUR 20’755
42 backers
Hong Kong In Between 香港之間

Publishing, architecture, and Community

Hong Kong

Hong Kong In Between retraces the history of STAG a stool-bag we have developed to explore the hidden back lanes and ambiguous public spaces of the city.

111 %
EUR 21’180
89 backers
Pont de Jakisur

Architecture, Community, and Education


Pont de Jakisur

by Moos Florent

Dans l’Est du Népal, les villages sherpas de Saisima et Dobatak sont isolés durant une partie de l’année en raison d’une rivière dépourvue de pont et qui ne peut être traversée qu’à gué.

116 %
CHF 5’800
45 backers
BALI calls you!

Architecture, Kids / Youth, and Education


BALI calls you!

by Gerti111

We are building together a unique school for simple Balinese village children and guest children from all over the world! We follow the children! Ecology,Montessori & teacher trainings are top-issues

5 %
EUR 2’346
23 backers
Didi Contractor

Film and Architecture


Didi Contractor

by individuofilm

A documentary about the life and work of the Architect Didi Contractor, who at the age of 85, is building sculpture-like houses from earth, bamboo, slate and river stone in North India.

107 %
CHF 10’731
55 backers
Borobudur – Indonesia

Film, architecture, and Art

Borobudur and Yogyakarta

Film documentary about the rescue of the largest Buddhist temple of the world, which is in danger. In November famous German scientists work together the last time with Indonesian conservators.

15 %
EUR 2’010
12 backers
Abri de Nuit


Saint Petersburg

Abri de Nuit

by pierre Jaccard

Financer un abri de nuit pour 38 personnes démunies de tout.
En Russie des millions de citoyens ont été bannis pour des raisons administratives, de ce fait ils survivent dans des conditions indignes

1 %
CHF 160
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Aalto im Detail

Photography, Publishing, and Architecture

Helsinki and Basel

Aalto im Detail

by Atelier Atlas Architektur

Unser Buch feiert den Detailreichtum der Aaltos: Wir haben 50 Aalto-Bauten dokumentiert und ihre Fotos systematisch in 20 Kapitel sortiert. Das Resultat ist ein reichhaltiger Bauteilkatalog.

162 %
CHF 8’130
110 backers
Historisches Bauernhaus

Agriculture, architecture, and Community


Seit 1888 steht das älteste und historischste Bauernhaus in Estland. Die Besitzerin braucht jetzt eure Unterstützung um das 132 Jährige Bauernhaus zu renovieren und die Geschichte zu retten.

3 %
CHF 150
2 backers
Overexploited Territories BS

Science, Publishing, and Architecture


Cartography was used throughout this research as a medium to depict specific geographical forms, complex informations and data to provide a reading of a continuously changing reality in the Baltic Sea

12 %
EUR 1’227
15 backers
School for Refugees – Azraq

Architecture, Community, and Education


School for Refugees – Azraq

by Architecture for Refugees - AfR, Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ - AfR CH, and Emergency Architecture & Human Rights - EAHR

The alarming need for educational programs and facilities for Syrian refugees in Jordan is unquestionable. We aim to build a school campus for 200+ children in the village of Azraq, Jordan. Join us!