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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Moscow. But this may be of interest to you.
Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing

Chernobyl’s children grew up

Chernobyl disaster gave birth to Ukraine’s youngest city: Slavutych. Discover this city’s youth turning into adults. An adventure filled with love, vodka and optimism.
by Niels Ackermann, Geneva, Slavutych, and Chornobyl
242% funded
CHF 14’534 pledged
136 backers
Exhibition and Art

Nordic Spells*

Nordic Spells* is Art from Nordic Countries, current research and «hygge». Meet artists from the North, work and discuss with them – and then there is also frokost.
by KunstKontor, Copenhagen, Basel, and Salo
74% funded
CHF 2’600 pledged
24 backers
Exhibition, Film, and Art

The Laundry – The movie

In every crisis there have been those who waited until it was over, and those who were already one step ahead and had the courage to act to keep doing art and express ourselves through filmmaking.
by Debby Caplunik, Berlin
124% funded
EUR 12’473 pledged
61 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Art

César Manrique, Homage 2017

Homage – Tribute to the artist on the 25th anniversary of his death.
César Manrique was an internationally renowned artist, painter, sculptor and environmentalist.
Previously unpublished photographs
by César Manrique – Hommage – Homenaje – Omaggio – Homage 2017 – Linus G. Jauslin, Lanzarote, Zürich, and Berlin
22% funded
EUR 3’591 pledged
21 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Road Trip Collage Katalog

Katalog «Road Trip Collage» über Collagen die «on the road» in Europa und Amerika 2016 entstanden. Die Ausstellung ist auf der «CART» classic cars meet contemporary art, RAE FARM bei Berlin
by Marcus, Berlin
5% funded
EUR 144 pledged
8 backers
Exhibition and Art

Scattered Lungs

Scattered Lungs is an Installation project revolving around the topic of «interpersonal relationships» in our time; documented in form of photography, video and dance.
by Werner J Nigg, Berlin
101% funded
EUR 1’015 pledged
9 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Substitut – The Book

In spring 2013 Substitut, space for contemporary art from Switzerland in Berlin, will have itʼs 6th anniversary. Together with onlab Substitut publishes a book.
by Urs Küenzi, Berlin
102% funded
CHF 6’130 pledged
52 backers
Exhibition and Environment

Flexopecten Glaber Ponticus

With your support our colorful collection of more than a thousand seashells will leave the collecting crates and call the gallery its home.
by Viktor, Sofia, Varna, and Burgas
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Exhibition and Photography

Bengali Faces

This is a unique and exciting collection of street portraits from Kolkata to Dhaka. They show a selection of Gerry Hubers dynamic portrait photography taken on his travels in East India and Bangladesh
by Gerry Huber, Groß-Enzersdorf
103% funded
EUR 6’718 pledged
45 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Community

Junge Künstler unterstützen

Eröffnung eines Ateliers, um junge Künstler/innen bei Selbstvermarktung und Organisatorischem zu unterstützen und Vernissagen für «gute Zwecke» (zB Kinderkrebshilfe) zu organisieren.
by Atelier Luisi, Schwechat
0% funded
EUR 30 pledged
1 backer
Exhibition and Art


Unterstütze ein ambitioniertes und zukunftsweisendes Ausstellungsprojekt von 15 bildenden Künstlerinnen, die sich für Gleichstellung im Kunstmarkt einsetzen.
by Angela Fischer, Vienna
13% funded
EUR 399 pledged
4 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Community

wie gewachsen 2.0

In unserem letzten Projekt haben wir Aufmerksamkeit auf Verschwendung und das Körperbild gelegt – jetzt ist Zeit mit weiteren stigmatisierten Themen aufzuräumen und Sensibilisierung zu schaffen!
by wie gewachsen 2.0, Vienna
100% funded
EUR 3’011 pledged
40 backers

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