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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to El Astillero. But this may be of interest to you.
Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Bester Kaffee direkt ab Farm

Spezialitätenkaffee direkt von der Farm zu dir nachhause. «Direct Trade» ohne Kompromisse.
Wir sind Kaffeebauern, Röster und Vermarkter und sorgen für faire Bedingungen für alle Beteiligten.
by Agrifuturo, Altdorf and Santa Marta
105% funded
CHF 11’556 pledged
96 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Fair Trade

«Dezalé – Café de origen»

Der Bildband erzählt eindrücklich und hautnah über das Leben im Hochland von Inzá, Kolumbien. Von stolzen Kleinbauernfamilien die tagtäglich mit Herz und Seele für diesen Spezialitätenkaffee arbeiten.
by Christian Reichenbach, Hausen am Albis and Inza
117% funded
CHF 7’620 pledged
53 backers
Fashion, Startup, and Fair Trade

by maria - more than shoes!

A sustainable supply chain that offers custom size, handmade shoes in 20 days. Connecting shoemakers in Colombia, designers around the world, and ready for you! Buy your next favorite pair of shoes!
by by maria, Zug and Bogotá
100% funded
CHF 15’900 pledged
26 backers
Startup and Fair Trade

Trade with social sense

«Emeraudinne – Ethical Jewellery» «Boyacá-Switzerland» seeks to improve the living conditions of informal miners of the Colombian emerald mining region and allow single mothers in the mining zones.
by Trade with Social Sense, Geneva and Boyacá, Boyacá
41% funded
CHF 3’359 pledged
9 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Choba Choba – Nativo Project

Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!
by Choba Choba, Bern and Juanjuí
175% funded
CHF 140’073 pledged
1064 backers
Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Empowering Indigenous Women.

Do you know why the empowerment of indigenous women is so important? Indigenous women have their unique knowledge, which is very useful and effective for sustainable development initiatives.
by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Padre Abad
119% funded
EUR 8’930 pledged
50 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Mó Acá In Amazonía Chocolate

Amazon’s fires may be calming down in Bolivia, but the battle for the future of the world’s biggest tropical rainforest is not over. Please help us protect it by eating chocolate!
by Mó-Aca-In Amazonía, Madidi and Alto Beni
11% funded
CHF 6’815 pledged
47 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Community

The Chocolate Road

Help us take the first steps towards a dream come true – The Chocolate Road: A new, sustainable tourism destination in Bolivia and a sweet chance for the local chocolate farmers and their families.
by destination:development, Vienna and Nuestra Señora de La Paz
129% funded
EUR 8’702 pledged
121 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Community

ecological cultivation

Creating an ecological cultivation of «Luffa» (Loofah) vegetable sponge.
by Olivier Martin, Pindoretama
5% funded
CHF 1’857 pledged
11 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Community

Maraîchage à Diohine Sénégal

Aider les agriculteurs du village de Diohine au Sénégal à convertir un partie de leurs champ en surface de maraîchage, afin de leur permettre de diversifier leurs ressources.
by Les jardins de Diohine, Diohene
6% funded
CHF 200 pledged
3 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

Création d'une ferme modèle

Nous sommes Plantons utile une ONG implantée en Afrique depuis plusieurs années.
Nous faisons de la reforestation d'arbres utiles autour du moringa tout en créant une ferme modèle écologique agricole.
by Plantons utile, Ziguinchor and Bignona
2% funded
CHF 660 pledged
12 backers
Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade

Reignite the Celtic Revival

Help Jennifer reignite the 20th Century Arts Movement through fashion. #supportthecelticrevival
by Jennifer Rothwell, Dublin
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers