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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Finland. But this may be of interest to you.
Music, Festival, and Art

Piano Trio Festival 2019

Some of the best Swiss and European musicians gather to convey the universal ideas of classical chamber music beyond national borders.
by Igor Andreev, Saint Petersburg
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CHF 40 pledged
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Music and Festival

New Music Festival «reMusik»

Become a Friend of the Festival and promoting SWISS CONTEMPORARY MUSIC performances in St.Petersburg, Russia.
by, St Petersburg
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Music and Festival

Project: Everglades 2015

Aufbau eines Electronic Music Festival in Schweden in zusammen Arbeit mit einem Schwedischen und Schweizer Team.
by Project Everglades, Bern
2% funded
CHF 100 pledged
1 backer
Music, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Moscou chante pour le COV

La chorale du COV a l’honneur d’êtreinvitée à participer au Festival «Moscow Sounds», rencontre internationale de choeurs d'enfants qui se déroule chaque année en Russie.
by Conservatoire de l'Ouest Vaudois, Moscow
164% funded
CHF 4’925 pledged
39 backers
Music and Festival

Madeja Festival

The International Józef Madeja Festival is a unique artistic event, which is organized annually in October. It includes Polish-German collaboration and concerts in Poznan and Bayreuth
by Madeja Festival, Poznań and Bayreuth
12% funded
EUR 120 pledged
2 backers
Festival and Art

Origins/art festival berlin

Identity doesn’t have to be bound to one specific place! We decided to invite the cultural richness and the beauty of diversity through art, for one week in August at YACAISTEberlin !
by YACAISTEfestival ORIGINS, Berlin
16% funded
EUR 745 pledged
6 backers
Design, Performing arts, and Festival

performance 3 catastrophes

3 Catastrophes I Happily Survived: an interactive design performance based on 3 disasters I lived to tell the irony & machinery. An award winning show I'm hoping to present in Prague Quadrennial 2019.
by OKUBO STUDIO / Rodo Guadarrama, Prague and Zürich
100% funded
CHF 6’910 pledged
27 backers
Film and Festival

backup_festival Weimar

The backup_festival Weimar wants to create a new film award ‒ the backup.collaboration.award. Only with your help can we further support young international filmmakers.
by backup_festival, Weimar
102% funded
EUR 2’565 pledged
45 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Festival

«Maria Magdalena»

Musiktheater der Gegenwart - Vergabe eines Kompositionsauftrages für eine Kirchenoper verbunden mit der Uraufführung beim Festival Retz «Offene Grenzen» 2019
by Festival Retz, Retz
102% funded
EUR 15’374 pledged
36 backers
Music, Community, and Festival

Ukraine @ Waves Festival

In order not to let the Ukrainian music scene down in these difficult times, the Waves Festival wants to offer them a perspective with your support, support them and set an example!
by Waves Festival, Wien
27% funded
EUR 4’123 pledged
8 days to go
Film and Festival

«Try To»

«Try To» is a shortfilm about guilt. A young father has to fight against himself so he can be there for the ones he loves.
by Luca Martin Karl Werner-Tutschku, Vienna
135% funded
EUR 6’750 pledged
38 backers
Music and Festival

Waves Music Festival

Waves bringt Acts aus der ganzen Welt nach Wien und hostet eine Konferenz für die Musikszene. Damit das Festival im September über die Bühne gehen kann, brauchen wir dich als Sponsor!
by Waves Festival, Vienna
42% funded
EUR 6’390 pledged
29 backers