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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Bekoko. But this may be of interest to you.
Film and Music

Music-Video-Projekt in Kamerun

Bitte unterstützt Thomas Schauffert und Paco Mbassi dabei, dass Thomas zusammen mit Paco in sein Heimatland reisen kann und dort für Euch zwei wundervolle Music-Videos produzieren kann.
by Thomas Schauffert, Yaounde
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

Pionier des Humanitären

Wer war eigentlich Albert Schweitzer? Unser Dokumentarfilm entstaubt den Mythos und zeigt das Werk eines überzeugten Humanisten. Wir reisen in sein legendäres Tropenspital, das 2013 hundert Jahre alt wird!
by VIDEOminutes GmbH, Lambarene
52% funded
CHF 5’800 pledged
5 backers
Photography, Film, and Journalism

Face au Soleil

En collaboration avec l’ONG Sentinelles, ce documentaire à pour but de parler de la situation d’enfants burkinabés touchés par le noma.
by Marie-Lou Dumauthioz & Hervé Pfister, Ouagadougou
115% funded
CHF 6’947 pledged
89 backers
Photography, Film, and Community

Stories from Our Cities

SEMA Media with Brighton University will conduct photography workshop where participants will tell stories of their cities and images from both cities will be exhibited in both cities.
by Stories from Our City, Nairobi and Brighton
3% funded
EUR 104 pledged
3 backers
Film, Community, and Environment

Le Cinema Déambulant

Swan around Africa with my bicycle and a sustainable cinema to raise awareness for the climate and share culture from all over the world! The bicycle will produce the electricity. Amazing, right?!
by Le Cinema Déambulant, Mzuzu
122% funded
CHF 4’898 pledged
83 backers
Film and Environment

The Last Survivor

The delicate cohabitation between man and wildlife; from the forests of Europe to the Ethiopian highlands, our film takes you to meet a species that has divided people since the ages: the wolf!
by Wildlifephotography, Vevey and Dinsho
108% funded
CHF 17’280 pledged
136 backers

Antoin Firklikö

Trois êtres mélancoliques, drôles et obstinés, se débattent avec une armoire dans un désert. Un film poétique et hypnotisant sur l’errance.
by Alva Film, Brussels, Arrecife, and Geneva
100% funded
CHF 2’500 pledged
25 backers

4 Pas vers le Bonheur

C’est un film qui raconte l’histoire de Giulia qui, depuis Palerme arrive en France, puis à Genève pour le travail. On parle des migrations, de la Loi de l’Attraction et d’une étrange sorte de folie..
by Giusy.Giacona, Palermo and Geneva
1% funded
CHF 405 pledged
6 backers

IDDU – Island Stories

Stromboli – a volcano island in transition between old traditions and modern times. A documentary of island stories told by its inhabitants over four seasons.
by Miriam Maria Ernst and Stefano Bertacchini, Stromboli
101% funded
CHF 15’266 pledged
86 backers
Film and Community

«Little Flame»

A film showing that handicap and illness are not just troubles. They can also awaken the best part of us.
by Floriane Closuit and Sabrina Faetanini, Lausanne and Paros
131% funded
CHF 39’499 pledged
140 backers

Love, War and a Cat

A personal based road-movie that leads young Czech Kateřina in search for Ben to a kafkaesque world that ends in the Negev, where she realises that her search for love starts with and in herself.
by Fiona Ziegler, Mitzpe Ramon, Netiv HaAsara, and Tel Aviv-Yafo
103% funded
CHF 3’091 pledged
36 backers
Film, Environment, and Education

Auf den Spuren des Abfalls

Was nicht mehr am Strand liegt oder im Wasser treibt, kann auch keinem Meerestier mehr schaden. Deshalb sammeln wir aktiv Abfall an Stränden und fischen ihn auch aus dem Meer.
by SegelExpedition, Athens
12% funded
CHF 1’230 pledged
10 backers

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