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Film and Journalism

CarPills Show

More than just cars. Our benchmark is entertainment and humour. We don't care too much about technical terminology, we care more about fun. Without forgetting some romantic stuff either.
by CarPills, Lutry and Zürich
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Film and Kids / Youth

Open Air éphémère à Paudex

Nous invitons les familles de nos quartiers à se retrouver le samedi soir 27 août pour partager un film familial sous les étoiles! Une séance gratuite et conviviale pour tisser des liens sociaux.
by Open Air FMR de Paudex, Paudex, Pully, and Belmont-sur-Lausanne
26% funded
CHF 520 pledged
14 backers

Tour du monde sans argent

Participez à la réalisation d’une web-série pleine d’humour et d’aventure au travers d’une expédition en stop jusqu’à l’autre bout du monde.
by Sarah Gysler, Lausanne
100% funded
CHF 2’220 pledged
22 backers

L'Armée sui. c. les Martiens

Après les Valaisans dans l’espace, le nouveau film de Hatman. Une comédie avec l’armée suisse, des Martiens et sept milliards de morts.
by Hatman, Sion, Geneva, and Lausanne
109% funded
CHF 32’748 pledged
228 backers

Blind Date

Unhappy in love, Mary is convinced that God has punished her. The only way to be saved is to pass the Shidduch test with flying colours and marry a Jew.
by Anaëlle Morf, Lausanne
121% funded
CHF 7’300 pledged
41 backers

Der Hass der Berge

Filmdreh eines low-budget Spielfilmes in den waadtländischen Alpen (Corbeyrier) im August 2015.
by Bruno Corthésy, Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 30’570 pledged
48 backers

Clean Dating

A young woman with cleanliness OCD takes part to a speed dating. The guys she meets may not always be hygienically suitable...
by Yan Decoppet, Chrystel Mermoud, and Cédric Gottet, Lausanne
206% funded
CHF 2’060 pledged
28 backers


«Enora» is the next short movie of the Swiss collective Bad Taste Pictures. It tells the story of Enora, a young alien who crashes on Earth in an Italian forest during the second World War.
by Collectif Bad Taste Pictures, Fribourg, Lausanne, and Semsales
138% funded
CHF 16’670 pledged
141 backers
Film and Music

Larytta’s new music video

LARYTTA, a dynamic pop-duo from Lausanne, is coming back with a new album, to be released this fall. Our purpose? Making a music video for the single «OSAMA OBAMA».
by Larytta, Lausanne and New York
112% funded
CHF 9’010 pledged
67 backers


Inspired by the legend of the Tschäggättä, this short film tells the story of a young lady venturing into the heart of an unexplored valley. Who would dare to face a myth someday?
by Melina Costas, Lausanne
155% funded
CHF 5’440 pledged
52 backers

À Bout de souffle

«À Bout de souffle» wird anhand individueller Geschichten eine Innenperspektive in die Welt der Velokuriere eröffnen: Eine Welt am Rand der Gesellschaft und dennoch im Herzen der Stadt.
by Lomotion AG | Filmproduktion, Lausanne
154% funded
CHF 7’711 pledged
72 backers

Tapis Rouge

A group of kids are hanging out in the street. One of them talks the others into making a movie. Helped by a social worker, they write a screenplay and then, head all the way to Cannes Film Festival in search of a producer.
by freshprod, Lausanne, Geneva, and Cannes
121% funded
CHF 21’800 pledged
188 backers