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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Dano. But this may be of interest to you.

Publishing and Comics


Collecte de fond pour la publication de ma bande dessinée intitulée «The Nox» sur laquelle je travaille depuis 2 ans déjà.

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Publishing, Journalism, and Education


Crisis and Journalism

by Juliana Alcantara and Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira

Support us in producing a book that will analyse the dynamics between crisis and journalism through the perspectives of a diverse range of academics and journalists, connecting theory and practice.

EUR 15
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Publishing, Music, and Kids / Youth

Bern, Segovia, and Salamanca

Staubi und Tim Tock

by alexiaviola

¿Qué es una viola? En este cuento musical con CD incluido,encontrarás la respuesta.De la mano de los dos simpáticos protagonistas, los niños se adentrarán en el mundo de la música.

CHF 6’170
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Publishing and Performing Arts


Raccolta di commedie teatrali brillanti, inedite ideate e scritte da me. Le opere raccontano la Sicilia dal dopo guerra ai giorni nostri enfatizzando in chiave comica la cultura etnea.

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Publishing and Literature


Es gibt zahlreiche Orte, an welchen physikalisch messbare Energie scheinbar aus dem Nichts auftaucht. Ist es eine Art «Freie Energie», von der die Menschen seit vielen Jahrzehnten träumen?

EUR 1’695
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Publishing, Community, and Art

Toulouse, Paris, and Geneva

B E R L I N G O T is an erotic and artistic magazine exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of 40 artists.

EUR 6’440
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Publishing, architecture, and Literature


Architecture-Guide Marseille

by Carina Kurta CaP.CULT

The aim is to create a portrait of Marseille in an architectural guide that discusses and explains urban development, architecture and the complexity of the city of Marseilles in around 200 pages.

EUR 7’225
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Publishing, Politics, and Community


1 Stadtkarte + 2 Leporellos

by tOmi Scheiderbauer

Mit deiner Hilfe entwickeln und produzieren wir - VON UND FÜR GEFLÜCHTETE - eine alternative Stadtkarte von Lecce und zwei Leporellos, exklusiv für die Strassenverkäuferinnen von Lecce.

EUR 7’830
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Games, Publishing, and Kids / Youth

Zurich and Florence

A phantasmagorical flight of fantasy is at your fingertips in this vibrant book with clever, intricate illustrations and fun rhymes!

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Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


Ausstellung #iorestoacasa

by konzept&klartext

«Was siehst du, wenn du aus dem Fenster schaust?» Du hättest diese Ausstellung auch gerne gesehen? Hilf mit, dann ist schon bald eine virtuelle Besichtigung möglich und wir überwinden Raum und Zeit!

CHF 4’800
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Publishing, Community, and Education

Bangalore, Lyon, and Graz

The World in 2050

by The World in 2050

Please support us in making our book available not only to experts, but to the whole of humanity, so that future-oriented business models and products can be developed.

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Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Coromandel, Reggio Emilia, and Santarem

A book about Marco Zanuso's architecture in South Africa. Although famous for his industrial designs, his design methodology impacted Southern African architecture and is still relevant today!