A book about the south of Italy. A book about its food and culture. Read about my Nonna’s heritage and be prepared to fall in love with Bella Apulia and its many delicious delicacies.

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Do you know the south of Italy?

We read about the north, about Renzi, about Bunga Bunga and about Rome. We, from even further north, don’t know much about the south of Italy. Sometimes we hear about a bad olive crop but only a few people have been to Apulia. Have you?


It’s about time then. Come along with us on this journey through Apulia’s culture and kitchen. A voyage best experienced by cooking my Nonna’s secret specialities.

  • frittierte Sardellen
    frittierte Sardellen
  • Selbstgemachte Orecchetti
    Selbstgemachte Orecchetti
  • gegrillte Zucchini mit selbst getrockneten Tomaten und Pfefferminze
    gegrillte Zucchini mit selbst getrockneten Tomaten und Pfefferminze
  • Unser Olivenhain in Apulien
    Unser Olivenhain in Apulien
  • gegrillte Auberginen mit Knoblauch und Pfefferminze
    gegrillte Auberginen mit Knoblauch und Pfefferminze

My Nonna’s heritage

My family has its roots in the region of Bari, a place with a rich culture and history. It was agreed: Our story needs to be preserved and celebrated. Especially my Nonna’s delightful cuisine. «La cucina della nonna» includes stories from Apulia, about its people, their music and traditions but also my Nonna’s best recipes. With this book we want to share with you the treats and delights of Apulia.

Meine Nonna
Meine Nonna

The book – a family project

For «La cucina della nonna» every one of us has made a contribution. From writing texts, making notes while my Nonna was cooking, to the whole presentation – including aquarelle painings from my sister and photographs – eveything was made ourselves. Currently we are in the final phase and are already looking forward to holding the printed book in our hands. The book will be printed and bound in the run-up to Christmas. 300 copies will be printed offset and bound in the exclusive flatbook process. Lastly the book will be printed on high quality paper. As a result of this, and the untyplical type of binding, the book will be nearly 4 cm thick. A perfect addition for your coffee table.

  • Entwurfsseiten
  • Entwurfsseiten
  • Entwurfsseiten
  • Entwurfsseiten
  • Entwurf Buchcover
    Entwurf Buchcover
  • Entwurfsseiten

Your share

Thanks to your donation my Nonna’s recipes will be passed on to the next generation. With your share you’re supporting the elaborate production of the books which costs nearly 15 000 francs. This includes print, bind and paper costs.

Further steps

Along with publishing the book ourselves there will be a website on which the book can be discovered interactively and physical editions can be ordered. On the integrated blog recipes will be uploaded on rolling basis. Furthermore we intend to sell the book in select bookshops and delis.


Up for grabs there are postcards with several of my Nonna’s favourite recipes, the book «La cucina della nonna» as well as treats out of my Nonna’s kitchen. The antipasti are freshly homemade and the olive oil comes directly from our grove in Apulia, which is looked after with a lot of love and passion by my grandfather. Buon appetito!

  • Entwurf Postkartenset
    Entwurf Postkartenset
  • Olivenöl mit Etikette (Entwurf)
    Olivenöl mit Etikette (Entwurf)
  • Entwurf Kochschürze
    Entwurf Kochschürze
  • Ein Trullo in Alberobello
    Ein Trullo in Alberobello
  • Alberobello