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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Azraq. But this may be of interest to you.
Science, Food, and Agriculture

Aquaponics in der West Bank

Aquaponic is a space- and water-efficient circulation system combining fish and vegetable production. In Bethlehem we plan to build three small-scale systems for demonstration and research purpose.
by Samuel Kessens, Bethlehem of Galilee
122% funded
CHF 3’660 pledged
34 backers
Science, tourism, and Education

Study Week Georgia 2018

We are 9 tourism students in Switzerland. For a study project, we would like to explore the variety that Georgia has to offer. Every support for our trip is greatly appreciated!
by Study Week Abroad 2018, Tbilisi
153% funded
CHF 3’061 pledged
30 backers

General Relativity in Space

The General Theory of Relativity marks the centenary this year. I wish to put to the test some of its key predictions with the ongoing Juno mission to Jupiter due to the unique features offered by it.
by Lorenzo, Bari
6% funded
EUR 120 pledged
3 backers
Science and Literature


Hilf mir, die Botschaft der Bibel unabhängig von institutionalisierten Glaubensrichtungen und Theologien genau festzustellen, und eine korrekte ungarische Bibelübersetzung zu erstellen!
by Laszlo Rozsas, Eger and Miskolc
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Science and Publishing

The k.u.k. rogues' gallery

In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, criminals from about 1890 to 1918 were photographically immortalized. We make a book with fascinating original photos and scientific contributions.
by Kurt FRANK, Vienna
101% funded
EUR 9’009 pledged
75 backers
Science and Dance

Tanzforschung WienImpulstanz

«Die Zukunft gehört denen, die an die Wahrhaftigkeit ihrer Träume glauben.» E. Roosevelt

Meine Tanzforschung Impulstanzfestival in Wien von 12.7.-12. 8. braucht Förderer!
by Lisatanzt, Vienna
11% funded
EUR 289 pledged
14 backers
Science, Publishing, and Education

Schattenkind – Sonnenkind

Traumata sind in unserer Gesellschaft noch immer ein Tabuthema, obwohl sie sehr weit verbreitet sind. Hilf mit, das Wissen über die Heilung von Traumata zu verbreiten und Stärken zu stärken.
by Sandra Z., Vienna
100% funded
EUR 2’501 pledged
23 backers
Science, Film, and Festival

Your own TV sitcom

The turbulent adventures of the ancient Roman bar owner Barrelius, his Germanic family, as well as some of the house slaves, regulars and legionnaires – INCLUDING YOU.
by Kurt FRANK, Vienna
100% funded
EUR 2’520 pledged
14 backers
Science, Literature, and Education

El'Manuscript 2018

Travel/accomodation costs for invited speakers at the international conference El'Manuscript 2018 dedicated to the overall investigation and editing of historical manuscripts and early printed books.
by Patricia Engel, Jürgen Fuchsbauer, Heinz Miklas, Vienna and Krems an der Donau
110% funded
EUR 3’320 pledged
6 backers
Exhibition, Science, and Community

Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

He was a taboo-breaker, creating a new image of man. Number 19 Berggasse, where Freud lived and worked, is undergoing renovation and his museum is to be enlarged. Help us to save this unique landmark!
by Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
106% funded
EUR 85’504 pledged
305 backers
Science and Community

A 4WD for archeology

The «ARGE Archeology» offers interested laymen the participation in exciting university excavations in Europa -and with your help soon by 4WD.
by Kurt FRANK, Vienna
100% funded
EUR 19’073 pledged
33 backers
Science, Community, and Sport

Climb Up, Head Up!

Worldwide CLIMB UP, HEAD UP! is the first study which investigates, if sport climbing improves the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients. Anyone can be affected by this disease.
by LGaßner, Vienna
27% funded
EUR 4’165 pledged
36 backers