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SOS Acero-Ökodorf

Geldmittel sammeln für: Anwaltskosten, Beratung, Organisation und Förderung von Veranstaltungen, um das restliche Kapital zu erreichen, das benötigt wird, um das Acero-Ökodorf von Contone zu erwerben.
by Acero, Contornina
101% funded
CHF 15’164 pledged
68 backers
Performing Arts

«Rivelare il nascosto»

A two parts performance: «Unique female experience, period» speaks of the stigma linked to menstruation and «Souvenir du futur» is inspired by the witch trials where the power of resistance overcome.
by Virginia _Luana, Locarno
100% funded
CHF 3’500 pledged
20 backers
Food and Art

Sm'Art Food

The Sm’art food wants to be a new concept of business activity, with the purpose to combine the food world with the artistic ones, by stimulating and encouraging the artistic creativity of customers.
by Salvatore, Locarno
5% funded
CHF 535 pledged
11 backers
Film, agriculture, and Education

Seeds for the Future

A documentary about Rudolf Steiner and the fruits of his ideas. An independent project filmed in Ticino, Switzerland, focusing on the fields of study where Steiner's ideas have been most fruitful.
by Susana de Sousa Tavares and GabrieleLenzi, Lugano, Locarno, and Alto Malcantone
107% funded
CHF 6’331 pledged
37 backers
Performing arts, art, and Dance


Idemo is the second creation, for the young company of contemporary dance: the company Elidé.
Idemo questions proxemia as an inheritance space.
by Sara Buncic, Lausanne and Locarno
100% funded
CHF 2’000 pledged
12 backers
Fashion, Startup, and Fair Trade

Kam For Sud – Wear with Ease

An ethical casual-luxury collection entirely crafted in Nepal in full respect of the environment and of the dignity of the workers.
by Kam For Sud, Locarno
41% funded
CHF 8’280 pledged
31 backers

Nina Dimitri + Band / new CD

Nina Dimitri launches a new CD with self-written songs in Italian and you have the chance to support and to be a part of this project, with wonderful rewards: the CD, private concerts and much more..
by ninadimitri, Locarno
111% funded
CHF 31’407 pledged
132 backers
Performing Arts

Performance The scent of imprints

I Patom Theatre gives life to poems of the avant-garde author Daniil Kharms. The play The scent of imprints deals with social issues such as poverty, injutice and absurdity of human daily lifes.
by I Patom Theater, Milan and Locarno
100% funded
EUR 3’011 pledged
36 backers
Publishing and Performing Arts

35 anni Teatro Paravento

Una pubblicazione che ripercorre i 35 anni del Teatro Paravento e che parla del coraggio di chi fa del teatro e della cultura un bene comune.
by Farfalla, Locarno
16% funded
CHF 980 pledged
10 backers
Publishing and Music

libro multimediale

Il primo libro multimediale indipendente scritto in Ticino. Clonazione & musica Rock –Etica & Leggenda
by Scott John Coburn, Locarno
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

My Mighty Crystals

Colorful board game with funny 3D characters for the whole family.
by BigEyes, Locarno
126% funded
CHF 1’261 pledged
10 backers
Performing Arts

Antigone – StilleWasser

«Antigone-Fragments of a Myth»: the collective StilleWasser gives once again life to this rebellious figure by incorporating to Sophocles’ text the expressiveness of dance and movement.
by STILLEWASSER, Locarno, Biel/Bienne, Lugano, and Zürich
112% funded
CHF 8’987 pledged
87 backers

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