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Agroforestry, THE solution!

Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Ipojuca and Vevey

Agroforestry, THE solution!

by Marcio Baptista and Marisa Gabriela

Together, let's make Agroforestry Education accessible to small family farmers. To fight against hunger, preserve the primary forest and fix tons of CO2.

203 %
CHF 50’772
266 backers
Love your neighbors



Wir kaufen mit den Spenden Grundnahrungspackete (Cesta Basica) und geben diese gezielt an Familien weiter, welche Tag für Tag um ihr Essen kämpfen.

100 %
CHF 2’500
32 backers
ecological cultivation

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Community


ecological cultivation

by Olivier Martin

Creating an ecological cultivation of «Luffa» (Loofah) vegetable sponge.

5 %
CHF 1’857
11 backers
Zero Waste Ambassador

Community, Environment, and Education


Zero Waste Ambassador

by Zero Waste Gabriele

I am Swiss, living in Brazil as a zero waste ambassador and manager of a waste reduction program. I need the support of a basic income to prevent tons of garbage leaking from a waste dump into the sea

17 %
EUR 2’120
10 backers
Raiz Kite Cabana

Sport, tourism, and Environment


Raiz Kite Cabana

by Valerian Escher

Je suis tombé amoureux d’un petit coin de paradis où vit ma fiancée au Nord-Est du Brésil. Nous avons pour ambition d'y monter un éco-tourisme: des cabanes confortables, écologiques et durables.

101 %
CHF 10’139
88 backers
A Teacher for SoulTatajuba

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Tatajuba and Basel

«SoulTatajuba» gives underpriviledged children in Tatajuba access to kitesurfing, global culture, network and most importantly, education, opening doors to better professional opportunities.

136 %
EUR 13’616
68 backers
The Other Fribourg

Film, Community, and Education

Nova Friburgo and Fribourg

The Other Fribourg

by Cristiano Bucek

Amid a series of catastrophic climatic changes and food shortages, several Swiss families set sail for Brazil hoping for a better life and have to reinvent themselves in this new land. 50'Documentary.

101 %
CHF 18’335
80 backers
Help Gabriela to be a doctor

Community and Education


Gabriela needs another year to finish her medical studies in Brazil. So she can continue on February 3rd, 2020 we must raise EUR 5,000.

4 %
EUR 200
2 backers
Pão & Beleza

Community and Education


Pão & Beleza

by Cooperaxion, Nachhaltige Entwicklung – Interkultureller Austausch

Wir schaffen Sozial-und Arbeitsintegration für 60 Menschen in Obdachlosigkeit oder prekärem Wohnen. Psychosoziale Beratung, ganzeinheitliche Bildungs-Aktivität, PC-Anwendungskurs & Verpflegung.

10 %
CHF 540
7 backers
escolhares - Rio project

Science, Community, and Kids / Youth

Rio de Janeiro

Our project aims to offer vision screenings, ophthalmological examinations and pairs of glasses to schoolchildren in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, with prevention action.

101 %
CHF 5’574
32 backers
Le swiss-business au Brésil


Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

En plein essor, le Brésil offre aujourd’hui de nombreuses opportunités d’affaires. Soutenez un projet de reportage sur les entrepreneurs helvétiques partis tenter l’aventure.

174 %
CHF 4’360
43 backers
ready or not? discovering Brazilian openness to change

Science, Journalism, and Art

Rio de Janeiro

Aesthetic innovation and new imaginaries don’t necessarily come with the economic growth. Is this the case of Brazil?