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Art and Environment

polar artist residency

This summer we'll embark for one month on a sailing boat for an onborad artist residency around the Svalbard islands.
by laure.a, Longyearbyen
101% funded
CHF 12’155 pledged
51 backers
Science, Music, and Art

Résidence Polaire

Au printemps 2017, nous embarquerons à bord du Knut, voilier de 15 mètres de l’association Marémotrice, pour une résidence d’artiste de 1 mois dans l’archipel du Spitzberg.
by prosperthon, Longyearbyen
106% funded
CHF 8’530 pledged
52 backers

Drawing on Spitsbergen

Since 2015 I have been drawing a series of «Unknown Icebergs». Now I am going to Spitsbergen to gather first-hand impressions and images of glaciers, ice and icebergs.
by ralftekaat, Longyearbyen
130% funded
EUR 6’378 pledged
50 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment


A sustainable wilderness camp in northern Finland. Animal-assisted therapy work with Huskies. Especially for children and people affected by burnout symptoms.
by NaaliTours, Inari
43% funded
CHF 6’525 pledged
40 backers
Publishing and Environment

Through Swedens wild side

Fact: 80 years old Karlernst is about to conquer one of Europe’s most remote and wildest nature reserves with his 6 sleddogs. The book: A tribute to nature’s dignity in balance with mans life.
by Karlernst Hauser and Fabienne Theiler, Abisko
25% funded
EUR 580 pledged
11 backers

Mitternachtssonne, Norwegen.

Eine Reise in den Norden, um die Energie der Natur zu nutzen und sich von den mit der psychischen Krankheit verbundenen Schwierigkeiten zu lösen. Ein Erfahrung, um aus dem schweren Alltag auszusteigen
by Sonneyj, Reine
116% funded
CHF 4’640 pledged
58 backers
Publishing and Literature

Recherche Raufarhöfn

«Kalmann und Mauser» spielt in Raufarhöfn, rund 600km von Reykjavik entfernt, am Ende der Welt. Ich muss da hin. Aber das kostet. Helfe mit, meinem ersten Krimi Authentizität zu verleihen! Takk :)
by Joachim B. Schmidt, Raufarhöfn
213% funded
CHF 2’479 pledged
33 backers
Science, Film, and Environment

In the footsteps of the Eira

This project aims to find and document the fantastic story of EIRA, the steamship of explorer Benjamin Leigh-Smith, having sunk in the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land, in 1881.
by Milko Vuille, Neuchâtel, Arkhangelsk, and Cambridge
1% funded
CHF 500 pledged
4 backers

Alphorn & Nordic Winds

paul taylor orCHestra with soloists Eliana Burki (alphorn), Sanna Kurki-Suonio (ethno-singer), and Florian Reichle (percussionist) hope for support to record their new program.
by paul taylor orCHestra, Switzerland and Finland
102% funded
CHF 6’900 pledged
28 backers

Kapnorth goes Iceland

Iceland. That magical place we want you to feel, when you’re listening to our debut album. That’s why we will record it there – 3 years of hard work come to a beginning.
by kapnorth, Lucerne and Iceland
101% funded
CHF 5’596 pledged
45 backers
Science, Publishing, and Art

The Glacier's Essence

Wir erzählen in diesem Buch mit Fotografien und Kupferstichen Geschichten von Gletschern und Menschen in Grönland und der Schweiz. Texte von Klimaforschenden ergänzen die eindringlichen Bilder.
by The Glacier's Essence, Grönland and Glarus
113% funded
CHF 34’070 pledged
140 backers
Photography and Tourism

Faroe Island

Recently, I was able to explore the Faroe Islands and had a high-resolution camera. I would like to make prints now and to print a book to explore the most beautiful corners.
by, Tórshavn and Zürich
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

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