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Good and «real» food needs to be shown and presented;

Recipes, which won’t discourage but encourage you to try them and to create awareness of the most beautiful part of cooking;

Coming together, finding mutual ground and enjoying together…

For this reason, the cookbook, which shows authentic recipes and dishes, is also a photo book and additionally showcases portraits of the diners, telling a story.

Whether if it is the young upcoming designer, the florist next door, the cool-looking central Berlin hipster or the spry pensioner…

Through the shared meal, drinks and amusement of my guests, I try to create an intimacy within, which I capture in my photographs.

Volksspeisung – Food and Faces

A cookbook which also is picture book, filled with personal portraits creating a desire to be savoured with others.

I plan to publish this book in a small edition of 400 pieces.

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As rewards there are, along with the book, also some photo prints:

of the series «Volksspeisung»

of the series «Dull Life»

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