Yuzu, tomorrow's cuisine

by Tim


Let's build together the future of food and cooking. A year ago we were dreaming about it. Today, we have never been so close to finally realizing this dream.

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Simplify your shopping and meal preparation with Yuzu

We created Yuzu because we wanted to make it easier for everyone to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable diet, even with a small budget or very little time.

This crowdfunding campaign will allow us to access the necessary expertise of nutritionists and health professionals, as well as to continue to develop new features to combine simplicity, health and respect for our environment with our everyday food.

But first of all, what is Yuzu?

Yuzu is the application that allows anyone to enjoy an incredible taste experience at home. Not just good, but truly delicious! You know, the kind of dish that you want to make again every week because it’s so good and simple.

We also know that it’s not easy to find the time to cook, to shop, to look for vegetables and fruits in season, local but affordable products, organic, etc…

That’s why we created Yuzu: you define on our app what is really important for you, your tastes, your budget, your intolerances, etc… And our little application will find you the recipe that will please the whole family, that will respect your budget and that will be easy to prepare.

In addition to that, our application will learn what you prefer in order to advise you, according to your tastes, the best possible meal. It’s as if a chef, a dietician and Greta Thunberg came to your home every night to recommend their signature dishes.

  • Grâce à nos 3 chefs, déjà 150 recettes disponibles.
    Grâce à nos 3 chefs, déjà 150 recettes disponibles.

Health, simplicity and respect for the environment

Our efforts over the past 12 months have focused on 3 elements that are vital to us, namely:

  • Health
  • Simplicity and speed
  • The environment


«Let your food be your best medicine» said Hippocrates the most famous physician of ancient Greece. We are completely aligned with this saying and these values.

How does your app help me stay fit?

The objective is to offer you what we call personalized nutrition on Yuzu. That is to say, we propose dishes that are adapted to the needs of each person, according to a health objective or a specific diet related to a health problem or an illness.

This is why we are organizing this crowdfunding. To be able to collaborate with dieticians and health specialists. As you can imagine, the expertise of doctors and researchers in this field, is expensive, extremely expensive.

A simplified📱 experience.

We really wanted to rethink and simplify the entire experience of shopping and cooking to make these activities more satisfying and as easy as possible.

This already starts with the app design which will be simple, fun and intuitive, sort of like the Tinder of food. On Yuzu, you will just have to swipe your next culinary «crushes».

The environment 🌳

As you probably know, our food has a significant impact on our environment (25 to 30% of CO2 emissions).

What is encouraging is that there is a lot we can do so that each of us, at our own scale and pace, can contribute to reducing our impact on the climate.

To list a few examples of actions where we can help you reach your goals: help you eat vegetables and fruits in season, give preference to organic and local foods, reduce your meat consumption, as well as food waste at home and in the supermarket. Finally, we will be listening to your proposals to add new features to the application!

Our vision is to allow anyone, regardless of their current consumption habits, to be able to start improving and be more aware of their impact.

For your employees 🏢🏢

Like many executives, you must have noticed that the success of your company depends first and foremost on the happiness of your employees.

If you want to give a unique gift to make their life outside the office easier, reduce their stress and to thank them for the work they do every day, we have exclusive counterparts specially designed for you and your employees.

  • A vast choice of vegetarian  and vegan recipes
    A vast choice of vegetarian and vegan recipes
  • To save your employees time, offer them 12 months of peace of mind for CHF 50 per year
    To save your employees time, offer them 12 months of peace of mind for CHF 50 per year


As you can see, we have great ambitions for the future of our food.

Although this project has been totally self-financed by our savings so far, which allowed us to make a first working prototype, it is now difficult for us to continue alone.

Through this crowdfunding, we aim to offer our future users and supporters the opportunity to contribute to the project.

You can already see what we could achieve with 10 000 chf and without much experience at the beginning. Now, imagine what we can achieve with more than 25’000 CHF and all the experience we have accumulated during the last 12 months.

Several levels will allow us to continue to develop the application and to offer you a more and more exceptional experience.

  • CHF 25’000: the minimum level to succeed in crowdfunding! On the agenda: A new beautiful application with a new design, translating the application into German and English, hundreds of new recipes and a feature that many are waiting for: home delivery of ingredients via your favorite supermarket.

Finally, we will be listening to develop in priority the features most requested by our community.

  • CHF 50’000 : the level to make you save money : Recipes with a limited number of ingredients, features allowing you to cook with the products you have left in the fridge and the appearance of recipes in video format (a bit like the real ones on Instagram or Tiktok).

  • CHF 100’000: the level of madness that will allow the development of features around health and environment. This will also make it possible to work with many new partners in Switzerland and France and will open the door to small distributors and local merchants to offer their products on Yuzu.

Each step will help us get a little closer to our ultimate goal: to offer you the best possible home cooking experience and to provide you with a service that will simplify your daily life.

Know that you can all make a huge difference in the realization of this project. Don’t underestimate the snowball effect that a little help at the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign can produce.

Thanks for your help and see you soon!

  • Our first prototype
    Our first prototype
  • Add  ̶ma̶g̶i̶c̶  Yuzu to your life
    Add ̶ma̶g̶i̶c̶ Yuzu to your life