Weisst Du noch?

Publishing, Design, and Kids / Youth
Schenke Deinem Kind ein Buch voller Erinnerungen.
by Trix Romann und Brigitte Hirsig, Bern
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EP – coffee&cake

Wir, coffee&cake, sind aktuell dabei eine EP in den Soundfarm Studios in Luzern aufzunehmen.
by coffee&cake, Lucerne
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Design Biennale Zürich 2017

Exhibition and Design
We aim to offer to the city of Zurich something that London, Helsinki and Vienna already have. A design event that becomes a highlight of culture.
by Design Biennale Zürich, Zürich
101% funded
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The World Needs more NOWers

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
The NOW Journey is an intercultural and hands-on learning experience that empowers young people to become agents of social change. Help us make this experience accessible to a diverse group of NOWers.
by Rahel Aschwanden, Fenna Oldendoerp, and Annina, Passugg and Zürich
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