Zurich and Frauenfeld

Frotteetücher, produziert in der Schweiz. Die Weberei aus dem Thurgau wird ihre Tore im Sommer 2014 für immer schliessen und die Produktion nach Deutschland verlegen.

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Photography, Publishing, and Art

Zurich and Essen

Photobook «Peach»

by Susanne Hefti

In May, my photobook «Peach» will be published with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. 65 images from eight different countries will be on display. Support the production of the book!

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Exhibition and Film

Belgrade, Winterthur, and Ljubljana

Balkan Xpress

by Ivana Kvesic

Seven film makers from Ex-Yugoslavia are going on a road trip together from Macedonia to Winterthur to visit the International Short Film Festival in November 2012.

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