Games, Startup, and Community
Lutopia has been conceived to offer an unparalleled experience in entertainment. The space blurs the line between retro and futuristic design tailored to your needs.
by Sébastien Petit and Saturnin Paulet, Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 25’321 pledged
86 backers

Penfield – New Prog and more

A brand new project around passion, pleasure and improv. That’s what Penfield’s got for you with a lot of other exciting new stuff, out early 2016.
by Théo Kummer, Geneva
101% funded
CHF 4’931 pledged
35 backers

À Bout de souffle

«À Bout de souffle» wird anhand individueller Geschichten eine Innenperspektive in die Welt der Velokuriere eröffnen: Eine Welt am Rand der Gesellschaft und dennoch im Herzen der Stadt.
by Lomotion AG | Filmproduktion, Lausanne
154% funded
CHF 7’711 pledged
72 backers