Music and film projects, vegan restaurants and photo books, alternative spaces and organic farms, startups, design products, and artistic performances: on wemakeit new projects go online every day and inspire thousands of backers.

Our partner program, «Gateway to Creativity», allows you to realize your sponsorship or your backing hand in hand with creative people and their communities, and to help launch projects successfully.

You decide which categories and projects you wish to support and wemakeit will take care of the rest. Our application minimizes your effort, provides you with account summaries, and issues payments for you. Our coaches ensure that the projects you support are prepared in a professional way and concluded successfully. You can either become part of the campaigns, their public presence and communication – or stay in the background discreetly.

Thanks to the crowd factor, you can be sure that projects will be implemented successfully and attract plenty of attention. A community doesn’t merely finance a project, though. It also supports it and, after the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, it «keeps an eye» on the project to make sure that it is implemented as planned. Note: If a project fails to reach the financing goal that was set, it is considered unsuccessful and no money is paid.

Booster Partner

With a booster, you can back a multitude of projects according to criteria specified by you. You can filter projects by region, categories and amount of backing. Your commitment will be published on all channels with a general Call for Projects. After that, wemakeit will take care of the rest: selection, project registration, coaching, and summaries.

The booster is perfectly suited to place a strong emphasis on the topics that are important to you – whether this be sustainability, classical music, sport for young people or short films.

Having your own channel draws greater attention. You will be listed as backer for each of your projects and may communicate on all social media through the project.

Your benefits:

  1. Channel page with your own sub-domain (yourname/
  2. Display of your logo on the wemakeit home page and the project pages concerned.
  3. Your own channel logo and widget (project window for external websites)
  4. Call for Projects published in the multilingual wemakeit community via Facebook, Twitter and newsletter in three languages (most recent figures)
  5. Annual workshop
  6. Minimum administrative burden and full control of costs at the same time

Examples: Science Booster, Swisscom Music Booster, Zurich University of the Arts

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