We reduce the footprint of our daily diet

Since our first climate-friendly weekend at the Maighelshütte SAC in winter 2019, we have already been able to visit three more huts; the hut wardens and guests were thrilled by the event on each occasion. Now we need your support to make the hut project even bigger and better.

Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW) is the voice of the outdoor community against climate change. We launched our project «Climate protection on the plate» in winter 2019. The project reduces the ecological footprint of daily nutrition. You too can be part of the project when visiting a mountain or SAC hut!

How does it work? POW organizes a weekend in a mountain or SAC hut and the cooking is local, organic and vegetarian. In order to actively involve the guests, the food is distributed at the point of entry at the bottom of the mountain to the hut. In this way, each and visitor can support the food transport on a voluntary basis. In the evening there is a presentation and a discussion in the hut about climate protection and nutrition.

With this project we can on one hand bring a more local and low-meat diet to the hut, which reduces the ecological footprint of the mountain experience. On the other hand, we can activate the guests to adapt their eating habits in everyday life.

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What we want to achieve with you - more than just raising awareness!

The aim of the project is to reduce CO2 emissions from food and to initiate long-term partnerships between local farmers and suppliers with the SAC huts. In addition, the project not only protects the environment, but also positions the huts as responsible and future-oriented actors in the outdoor community. But most importantly, every visitor should also think about and reduce their food-related footprint in their daily lives!

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The project is growing - therefore we need your support

Our goal is to visit half of all 150 SAC huts by 2030! In the long term, we aim to increase the number of vegetarian menu choices and introduce one or more meat-free days per week. Meatless meals save about three kilograms of CO2 compared to a meat-based meal.

Further reductions in emissions will result from fewer helicopter flights for food transport and - most importantly - by adapting the guest’s behavior in everyday life.

Thank you for your support!

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