LES VOY A CONTAR LA HISTORIA is a cultural project by, for, about and with displaced farmers in Colombia, as well as with artists and cultural actors from Switzerland, Colombia and Italy.

Hommage to the Farmers of Las Pavas

The farmers of Las Pavas have been chased away from their lands for several times, ultimately by a palm oil company, supported by the government and the paramilitary. They struggle peacefully for their land and the respect of their human rights. 

Their most powerful means to be heard are their songs. We dedicate a hommage to them. Thus, we give them an opportunity to present their story from their own point of view to a wider public, aiming to strengthen the community in their search for justice. 

The Project

We record their music, document their everyday life and elaborate a stage piece with them. We plan to create the following products:

  1. CD with the songs of the farmers of Las Pavas
  2. Documentary about their history  
  3. Musical documentary theatre

First of all, with your support, we would like to raise the resources to finalise the CD.

What has happened so far

We have known the community of Las Pavas since the beginning of 2011. Within the last two years, we have accompanied them constantly and in many important moments, for example when they returned to their lands in April 2011. This is where the idea of this project was born. 

In October 2012, we eventually started to make it happen, conceptualising and planning the project. In December 2012, we collected material and recorded both audio and video footage for the CD and the documentary in Las Pavas. Since then, we have been editing the material collected, looking for financial support, networking etc. 

What we do next

In March, we will be recording all the remaining tracks for the CD as well as all the additional footage for the documentary in Las Pavas.

The CD launch is planned for July 2013 in Colombia and autumn 2013 in Switzerland. The documentary and the theatre will be elaborated in 2013 and shown in spring 2014.

And this is why we need you!

With your support and the support of wemakeit.ch, we would like to produce the CD. If we succeed to inspire more people than expected for our project, we will use the remaining funds for the documentary and the theatre project, which we intend to finance through foundations and other institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

This is what we will give you...

...if you support us:

We would like to give access to the meaningful and touching songs of the farmers to everybody who supports us. Even with the smallest amount, you get the download code for all songs we record. Further, our gifts range from the CD, postcard sets, large photo prints, rice from Las Pavas, cooking sets, over special treats for VEPs (Very Engaged People) to private concerts and a Colombian dinner, accompanied by live music. We are looking forward to making you happy with our presents!

Who supports us already

So far, we count with support in communication, logistics and/or funding through:

Many thanks to all of you!