Ricardo Torres, Fundación Chasquis.
Ricardo is a videomaker, photographer & graphic designer. He studied graphic design & visual communication. For the last three years, he has been working with Chasquis in Colombia. Before, he worked as a freelancer in Switzerland. 2 years ago, he documented the farmers’ peaceful return to their lands in Las Pavas.

Regula Gattiker, Association Connact.
Regula has been working in various areas of peacebuilding for the last 10 years. She studied political science, literature, international public law & cultural management. For the last 4 years, she has worked as a pedagogue in intercultural exchange projects. 2 years ago, she accompanied the farmers on their return to Las Pavas as a human rights observer with Peacewatch. Next to her work as a pedagogue, she dedicates herself as a freelancer to this project.

Our team members in Colombia are:
Juan Manuel Peña, Fundación Chasquis: audio operator & photographer.
Freddy Bayona, Fundación Chasquis: camera operator.
Salvatore Motta, Colectivo Errante: theatre pedagogue and director of the piece.

All of us are passionately committed to this project. We hope to spread our enthusiasm & make it happen!