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Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Arzier-Le Muids

Pour lutter contre les dégâts causés aux récoltes par le gel de printemps, une bougie à pellets, réutilisable, à pour but de réchauffer un zone, là ou les bourgeons émergent pendant plus de 7 heures.

CHF 2’550
102 %
8 backers

Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Arzier-Le Muids

Spring frost can cause serious damage when the buds start to emerge. The project provides real-time temperature monitoring and alerting tool to act quickly and decisively in case of frost.

CHF 4’006
200 %
13 backers

Startup, Technology, and Education


Simulation and VR for all

by Yves Schatzmann and Nicolas Arnaud

In collaboration with a company based at the EPFL campus, we would like to develop and build a car driving simulator for people having learning difficulties or having a limited budget

CHF 17’065
113 %
55 backers

Politics, Technology, and Environment

Zürich, Bern, and Geneva

Climate Ticker

by Klima-Allianz und Alliance Digitale

A nationwide regional climate rating and a platform that enables climate-conscious individuals and NGOs to become effectively and directly active in their communities and cantons.

CHF 51’840
207 %
296 backers

Fashion, Technology, and Environment


Bli Bli Dressing

by Régis, Oxana, and Sonya

Bli Bli is an ecological innovation for second hand. Instead of sending the item by mail, buyers and sellers are connected through relay stores in their regions.

CHF 50’000
200 %
61 backers

Agriculture, Technology, and Environment


Help us provide farmers with a tool to better manage the irrigation of their fields in real time, saving pumping costs and up to 30% water

CHF 8’038
200 %
21 backers

Science and Technology


Fly to Space with me in 2019


Allow Boris Otter, 49 years old, to launch his Space Project on 12.04.2019, which is to go to Space in 2019 and to share it by offering the chance to 5 Space Tourists to join him inside the Spaceship.

CHF 15’230
152 %
39 backers

Sport, Technology, and Education


House Of Yoga

by Midya & Vithu

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. We strive to offer quality online yoga courses, designed by certified yoga teachers. What if you could practice anywhere, at anytime !

CHF 20’783
103 %
33 backers

Science, Technology, and Education


Fablab Onl'Fait

by Onl’Fait, Cristina Olivotto, Sébastien Mischler, and Mathieu Jacquesson

Onl’Fait is an open educational technological maker space, where everybody - artisans, children, artists, curious - is welcome to learn, make, share, fix, create, discuss, teach, fail and tinker.

CHF 24’256
242 %
79 backers

Science, Startup, and Technology

Meyrin and Geneva

Humanitarian Hackathon 2017

by THE Port Association, Christina Andreou, and Ines

THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon aims to demonstrate how fundamental science can benefit to society through the creation of tangible and cost-efficient technological solutions to humanitarian issues.

CHF 15’030
100 %
47 backers

Design, Community, and Technology


Pour aider le 1er FabLab de la région lémanique, nous avons besoin de votre soutien en contribuant à l’achat d’une imprimante 3D Ultimaker.

CHF 2’180
136 %
41 backers

Food, agriculture, and Technology


Caulys Home Garden – V2

by Grégoire Gentile - Caulys

Caulys allows you to produce fresh, local produce all year round, without any effort, at the best price. Make your indoor vegetable garden profitable in less than 2 months!