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Sie in ihm

by R.R. Benbach

A man desires a woman. She becomes his obsession. Desperate, he tries the impossible: to escape his possession.

CHF 4’180
104 %
39 backers

Photography, Publishing, and Sport

Seoul, Vancouver, and Bishkek

A l'école de la route

by A l’école de la route

Après 4 ans autour du monde à vélo, Chris Gionchetta est de retour en Suisse la tête, l’appareil photo et les sacoches de vélo pleins de souvenirs qu'il désire partager avec un livre !

CHF 5’222
116 %
67 backers

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

Bishkek and Sion

Une grosse boule de neige

by Boule de Neige association

Grâce à vous, des dizaines d’enfants kirghizes vont pouvoir pratiquer les sports de neige.

CHF 4’470
111 %
52 backers

Science, tourism, and Education

Baku and Chur

Studyweek Aserbaidschan 2019

by Studyweek Aserbaidschan

Wir sind eine Gruppe von 8 Tourismusstudenten/-innen der HTW Chur, die für ein Studienprojekt die touristischen Möglichkeiten Bakus entdecken möchten. Über jede Unterstützung sind wir sehr dankbar!

CHF 5’255
210 %
19 backers



4 months in a yurt with a Kyrgyz nomad family on the remote summer pastures at 3000m – a documentary about their hidden lifestyle, culture and traditions.

CHF 10’150
203 %
73 backers


Karakol, Bishkek, Barskoon, Chandolin, and Geneva

Ella Maillart: le film

by Artemis Films Production, administrateur, and Raphael Blanc

Ella Maillart fut l’une des plus grandes aventurières du 20ème siècle. De la Suisse jusqu’en Asie Centrale, nous sommes partis sur ses traces. Ce film raconte les voyages extraordinaires de sa vie.

CHF 31’355
104 %
80 backers

Music and Community


Happy Ears at Budka

by Budka Tbilisi

Budka brings people with common interests in culture together, as a community, in order to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

EUR 3’000
100 %
44 backers

Science, tourism, and Education


Study Week Georgia 2018

by Study Week Abroad 2018

We are 9 tourism students in Switzerland. For a study project, we would like to explore the variety that Georgia has to offer. Every support for our trip is greatly appreciated!

CHF 3’061
153 %
29 backers

Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Literature

Tbilisi and Basel

Kinder brauchen schöne Bücher! Wir haben ein besonderes Buch in Georgien gefunden und wollen es zweisprachig herausgeben. Eine gewinnende Geschichte und ein Zeichen für den interkulturellen Dialog.

CHF 3’574
107 %
45 backers



It's not that far

by Tskaltubolab

A bicycle workshop for and with young Georgian women. We want to introduce discarded bicycles from Germany and Switzerland to upgrade them together and set up a workshop.

CHF 635
114 %
13 backers

Food and Community

Kabul, Kandahar, and Herat

Donation for Afghanistan

by Education_for_Integration

Since the country is under the control of the Taliban, the situation has gotten worse for the habitants. Many families are forced to flee from their homes and leave everything behind.

CHF 31’647
105 %
224 backers



Humanitarian Aid Car

by Libereco - Partnership for Human Rights

In order to reach particularly vulnerable groups, the aid organisation Vostok SOS urgently needs a new delivery van. Help them supply the people in the Ukrainian frontline region with relief supplies!