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The definitive cookbook of 2020

In recent weeks, people rediscovered making bread at home. The taste is so remarkable when you choose your ingredients well and mix them with your hands. If you haven’t taken up this hobby yet, this cookbook is your chance to jump right in. No matter what your skill level, you’ll find numerous new culinary adventures.

What the book by Heddi Nieuwsma gives you is a combination of storytelling around local Swiss traditions mixed with simple and accurate recipes you can keep going back to. If the stories behind these breads don’t inspire you to try them, then you’ll certainly be convinced by the beautiful images from photographer Dorian Rollin with styling by Camille Stoos.

Helvetiq is the publisher behind ««Swiss Breads»». Our team is fully involved from editorial to graphics and promotion. On top of everything, we aspire to create a movement for making Swiss breads at home.

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Amazing Swiss breads to bake at home

The Swiss book of bread started a long time ago when Heddi Nieuwsma moved to Switzerland from the USA and discovered the incredible variety and deliciousness of breads here. Some of her Swiss friends became curious about all she was learning. Some knew a few local breads, but the rest of the country? The traditions? How to make them? Not always. Heddi loves making bread in her kitchen at home. One of her favorite breads to make is Zopf, la tresse en français. There is also the Appenzeller gingerbread and the sourdough bread from Lucerne. She really believes and knows for a fact that you can make awesome bread at home. For years, she has traveled around Switzerland visiting bakeries, chefs and more to learn and develop an outstanding collection of recipes. She’s very excited to share them all with you.

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Support in the Time of Coronavirus

Book publishing is in crisis because of Coronavirus. This campaign is one of our answers. We are not asking for donations. We want to share our enthusiasm for bread making with you. We researched, wrote, photographed, illustrated and designed the best book possible, in three languages. We are also offering amazing extra benefits during the time of this campaign, such as a cooking workshop at a stunning location in the Valais. Your support will not only help us publish this amazing cookbook on September 21, 2020, but it will go a long way in ensuring that we can keep making amazing books for kids and adults alike. Last but not least, Helvetiq will pass part of your pledges to Swiss independent bookstores in an effort to keep the book ecosystem vibrant and well.

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