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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Oaxaca. But this may be of interest to you.
Promised Land

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


Promised Land

by Elizaveta

Promised Land is a quarterly magazine and event devoted to the arts in their different forms: photography, design, plastic arts, music or writing.

100 %
CHF 1’005
12 backers
Greenland and secret beauty

Exhibition, Photography, and Film


The primary objective being an exhibition.

Being able to rent a boat to show the icebergs in detail. In order to raise awareness, those who will see the finalized project.

0 %
CHF 25
1 backer
Eldorado hinter Glas

Exhibition and Art

Buenos Aires, Zurich, and Lucerne

Eldorado hinter Glas

by Vreni Spieser

Eldorado – was soll man sich darunter vorstellen? 27 Antworten wurden gedruckt und an Hauswände gekleistert. Eine Serie kommt ins Museum und braucht dazu Bilderrahmen!

109 %
CHF 3’830
24 backers
Constellations cellulaires

Exhibition and Art

São Paulo

Constellations cellulaires


Première exposition dans mon pays d'origine de mes tableaux inspirés de mes analyses médicales.

105 %
CHF 4’205
38 backers
Essaouira / Eliane Laubscher

Exhibition, Photography, and Art


The swiss photographer Eliane Laubscher visited Essaouira in 1980. Les Archives du Futur Antérieur selected 30 pictures for an exhibition of streetphotography with a focus on woman and architecture.

6 %
CHF 300
11 hours to go
Bringing Healing through Art

Exhibition and Art


Painting is the Foundation for healing Depression in my Life and a Playful way to get in contact with Yourself. I want to share my Story with the World and inspire to start your Self-Love Journey

17 %
EUR 153
5 backers
Inhabited Silences

Exhibition, Music, and Art


Inhabited Silences

by SimonC and PaulineJ

A sound and poetic installation where the visitors are invited to walk through, exploring sounds, texts and maps of imaginary landscapes. Showed at LiteratureXchange festival in Aarhus (DK).

19 %
EUR 895
14 backers
La Kermesse de GRRIF

Exhibition, Music, and Festival


La radio GRRIF a 10 ans ce printemps. Elle aimerait fêter ça avec toi, tes potes et ta famille, en venant à ta rencontre, dans chaque région de Suisse romande, avec ses allures de kermesse itinérante.

118 %
CHF 8’305
130 backers
The African Museum of Lyons

Exhibition and Art


The African Museum of Lyons

by Musée Africain

A collection is in danger! The museum will close its doors if it doesn’t get your help We need your help in order to preserve and maintain this heritage.

20 %
EUR 4’184
85 backers
Exposition - Roots - Festival des Boutographies

Exhibition, Photography, and Festival


Mon projet Roots est sélectionné pour le festival des Boutographies (2-17 mars 2013). Votre contribution couvrira une partie des frais d’encadrement.

108 %
CHF 6’515
57 backers
Fotokunst retten

Exhibition, Photography, and Art


Fotokunst retten

by Catherina Schreiber-Jung

Der Fotokünstler Roland Wirtz ist überraschend verstorben. Hilf uns, dass seine Kunst nicht verloren geht. Wir müssen seine Fotos kaschieren & lackieren, wiss. aufarbeiten, lagern und ausstellen.

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Exhibition, Music, and Art

Zurich and Hamburg


by Daniela Mitidieri

«Seemannsgarn sind Erzählungen der Seeleute über deren angebliche Erlebnisse.» Auch die Lieder an Bord und die Seemannsbraut erzählen Geschichten. Mit Nadel und Faden legt sie alle auf’s Kreuz.