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Film and Kids / Youth


A Documentary Film featuring a Kid living in the Slums of Phnom Penh. This short film will raise awareness about the reality of the children working to survive.
by ND Strupler, Phnom Penh
111% funded
CHF 950 pledged
8 backers
Film and Community

Home is a blue dragon

The family of Hưng and Thắng has a daughter Mến who surprisingly lost her memory 20 years ago. She was 17 years old when she suddenly fell ill: she is a victim of Agent Orange.
by Matthias Leupold, Tứ Xã
16% funded
EUR 1’119 pledged
14 backers
Film, Kids / Youth, and Environment

The dream of Inle Lake child

This is a documentary about the environment. The children of Inle Lake dream that one day their region and country will finally get rid of all plastic waste.
by Raphael Blanc, Inle
120% funded
CHF 18’000 pledged
67 backers

Ancien projet Inle

Il s’agit d’un film documentaire dont le thème est l'environnement.
De jeunes élèves récoltent des déchets plastiques pour construire leur école et redonner à leur lac Inle toute sa splendeur.
by Raphael Blanc, Mandalay
16% funded
CHF 5’095 pledged
30 backers
Film, Music, and Community

True Men Show

Do you feel represented in our cultural canon? Do we actively take part in forming our future or are we guided by non-transparent powers? We are curious about what you think. Be part of our journey!
by True Men Show, Berlin and Jakarta
12% funded
EUR 2’445 pledged
30 backers


Überraschend, witzig, berührend, schräg: Der Dokumentarfilm über Peng Wu-Chi, einen Bauernsohn der auszog um einer der besten Kampfkünstler zu werden.
by Blackspot Filmproduktionen, Taipei City and Berne
77% funded
CHF 20’425 pledged
49 backers
Film, architecture, and Art

Borobudur – Indonesia

Film documentary about the rescue of the largest Buddhist temple of the world, which is in danger. In November famous German scientists work together the last time with Indonesian conservators.
by Mokarag, Borobudur and Yogyakarta
15% funded
EUR 2’010 pledged
12 backers

BALI another way

Discover daily life of a tiny little Balinese village, far off the beaten track, its ceremonies, gamelan, dancing lessons & temple dancers, work in the rice fields, kids playing in the street etc.
by Rob van Wely, Denpasar
6% funded
CHF 506 pledged
12 backers
Food and Film

Holy Chili!

A documentary about the love of spicy food. Become part of our adventure trip to South India, to Asia’s biggest chili plantation!
by Eva & Max Weingart, Guntur, Stuttgart, and Offenburg
105% funded
EUR 3’685 pledged
46 backers
Film and Community

Under Mango Trees

A documentary film about women in the civil war of Sri Lanka: Memories and dreams of combattants, refugees and victims.
by Damaris Lüthi, Jaffna and Bern
107% funded
CHF 23’680 pledged
63 backers
Film and Art

Shanghai Blue

In 2011, I was thrilled to learn that my application had been accepted and was finally to come true: I was going to experience Shanghai!
by Rosi S.M., Berlin and Shanghai
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers

A Shanghai Documentary

A young cinema student leaving for 50 days to Shanghai with one goal: let you discover the mind-blowing inside of the current lifestyle in the most populated city of the Middle Empire.
by Vincent Willommet, Shanghai
100% funded
CHF 1’000 pledged
11 backers