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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to San Francisco. But this may be of interest to you.
Food, Community, and Kids / Youth

Bakery for the neighborhood

Creation of a community bakery in this marginal neighborhood aiming to integrate young people into the working world, to make them responsible and to keep them away from vice and violence.
by Simon Porras, Bogotá
105% funded
CHF 10’577 pledged
80 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Choba Choba – Nativo Project

Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!
by Choba Choba, Bern and Juanjuí
175% funded
CHF 140’073 pledged
1067 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Community

The Chocolate Road

Help us take the first steps towards a dream come true – The Chocolate Road: A new, sustainable tourism destination in Bolivia and a sweet chance for the local chocolate farmers and their families.
by destination:development, Vienna and Nuestra Señora de La Paz
129% funded
EUR 8’702 pledged
122 backers
Food and Community

Native Makers Land & Passion

Directly from the producer to your table, a network of local and small makers of genuine products.
by Antonio, London, Lugano, and Milan
1% funded
CHF 160 pledged
3 backers
Fashion, Food, and Publishing

T.O.F.U. magazine

T.O.F.U., the one of a kind vegan fashion lifestyle magazine stands for The Organic Fashion Utopia and that is exactly what we create for you. LIVE, TASTE, LOVE with a fabulous vegan look!
by Manuela Ernst Minimarini, Amsterdam and Zurich
23% funded
EUR 2’140 pledged
32 backers
Food, Startup, and Technology

RacletteRapid der ProfiRac

Für die schnellsten Raclette im Minutentakt ohne Verbrennung, komplett aus Edelstahl und für den Dauerbetrieb. Ich möchte nun die Serienproduktion starten und brauche dazu deine Unterstützung!
by raclette, Rösrath
18% funded
EUR 4’600 pledged
8 days to go
Food and Technology®

Stell dir einmal vor dass du: Zeit gewinnst, gesünder lebst, mit Bequemlichkeit, Freude und Spass selber kochst und die zubereiteten Gerichte mit Stolz deinen Gästen servierst.
by®, Berlin, Vienna, and Zürich
2% funded
EUR 1’100 pledged
6 backers
Photography, Food, and Publishing

Volksspeisung – Essen und Gesichter

No frantic quick recipes... No nouvelle cuisine... No egocentric, award winning chef... No perfectly equipped kitchen...
by Volker Eichenhofer, Berlin
39% funded
EUR 1’794 pledged
42 backers
Food, agriculture, and Technology

Gemüsefischen – Aquaponics at «Holzmarkt» Berlin

Cultivation of crops and aquaculture in one resource saving system, under the same roof, on top of a roof. The idea is brilliant. But does it also taste?
by Holzmarkt Genossenschaft, Berlin
107% funded
EUR 21’599 pledged
338 backers
Food, Publishing, and Sport

wild things 4 - outdoorküche

Kochbuch für kreative Boots- und Strandküche. Tolle Fotos & Doku-DVD über Wind und Wellen, intensive Aromen, wilde Kräuter und excellente Outdoor-Küche. Produziert auf 14tägigem Segeltörn.
by Arun-Verlag, Uhlstädt-Kirchhasel
3% funded
EUR 31 pledged
2 backers
Food and Film

Holy Chili!

A documentary about the love of spicy food. Become part of our adventure trip to South India, to Asia’s biggest chili plantation!
by Eva & Max Weingart, Guntur, Stuttgart, and Offenburg
105% funded
EUR 3’685 pledged
46 backers

Saveurs Poissons Frais Jura

Le projet consiste à préparer les produits de la mer et de les vendre dans les marchés Jurassiens, Bâlois et Bernois via un camion à étalage réfrigéré. Le Planning des tournées sera publié partout.
by Michaël, Bure
15% funded
CHF 2’040 pledged
19 backers