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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Bucaramanga. But this may be of interest to you.
Publishing, Journalism, and Community

Buchprojekt: Auf dem Amakong

Ein Lesebuch zum Schenken. Mit den spannendsten Blogeinträgen von Nikolaus Wyss inkl. Vorwort von Milena Moser. Der Erlös kommt den Suppenküchen von Bogotá zugute. In Kolumbien herrscht Hunger.
by Nikolaus Wyss, Bogota
146% funded
CHF 8’768 pledged
59 backers
Journalism, Community, and Comics

Escaping Wars and Waves

A love story by Olivier Kugler in drawings about escaping wars and waves and about hope. The new project focusses on Almotaz, a syrian refugee who is running a restaurant in colombia.
by andrea.kaufmann and Silvan Groher, Zürich, London, and Bogotá
4% funded
CHF 510 pledged
9 backers
Film and Journalism

Celebrating in the Andes

The aim of this project is the realization of an ethnographic film on an indigenous festival in the Otavalo region, which shows the activities that take place and how the protagonists conceive them.
by Jérémie, Biel/Bienne, Otavalo, and Lausanne
23% funded
CHF 1’655 pledged
25 backers

Le swiss-business au Brésil

En plein essor, le Brésil offre aujourd’hui de nombreuses opportunités d’affaires. Soutenez un projet de reportage sur les entrepreneurs helvétiques partis tenter l’aventure.
by Barbara Santos, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
174% funded
CHF 4’360 pledged
43 backers
Science, Journalism, and Art

ready or not? discovering Brazilian openness to change

Aesthetic innovation and new imaginaries don’t necessarily come with the economic growth. Is this the case of Brazil?
by Chiara Tinonin, Rio de Janeiro
21% funded
EUR 1’310 pledged
14 backers
Film, Journalism, and Community

Little Dakar

A medium-length documentary project that needs your support to get off the ground! Help seven Senegalese street vendors in Buenos Aires expose their reality and denounce police repression.
by Valentine de Dardel and Adrián Cobos, Buenos Aires
123% funded
CHF 8’630 pledged
80 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Journalism

Sequoias beim Wachsen ...

zusehen - ein Fotobuch

Grossartige Landschaften, Zeichnungen und Skizzen und Texte über Menschen und Geschichte(n). Einen Blick hinter die Kulissen oder die Fassade? Schauen, staunen aufsaugen.
by Emanuel_H, Moab, San Francisco, and Bend
3% funded
CHF 300 pledged
1 backer
Photography, Film, and Journalism

Face au Soleil

En collaboration avec l’ONG Sentinelles, ce documentaire à pour but de parler de la situation d’enfants burkinabés touchés par le noma.
by Marie-Lou Dumauthioz & Hervé Pfister, Ouagadougou
115% funded
CHF 6’947 pledged
89 backers
Publishing and Journalism

Grand Genève Magazine

Grand Genève Magazine est un nouveau trimestriel politique, socio-économique et culturel consacré à la région Grand Genève. Cette plateforme, informative, combine l’imprimé et l’Internet.
by Grand Genève Magazine, Geneva, Nyon, and Annemasse
0% funded
CHF 40 pledged
1 backer
Publishing and Journalism

Tribu Magazine

TRIBU Magazine! ART, CULTURE, FASHION, DESIGN, tous les ingrédients pour un magazine culturel de haute gamme. TRIBU est le nouveau magazine qui rassemble, vraiment indépendant, TRIBU parle de vous!
by TRIBU Magazine, Geneva
1% funded
CHF 175 pledged
4 backers
Startup, Journalism, and Community

#LivinGenevaFuture community

LivinGeneva wants to help and inspire people to enjoy and make the most out of their stay in Geneva.
Help us build our platform to share Valuable and Insightful tips and information for Geneva!
by Diana Casalis, Geneva
157% funded
CHF 39’465 pledged
178 backers
Music and Journalism

Sauvons Daily Rock Magazine

Impossible de l'ignorer, le Coronavirus ne fait pas que des pertes humaines: Daily Rock Magazine est également en péril, il ne doit pas disparaître de la scène culturelle!
by David Margraf, Geneva
142% funded
CHF 23’832 pledged
262 backers