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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Bucaramanga. But this may be of interest to you.
Politics and Community

One Young World Bogotá 2017

The OYW is an annual meeting of young leaders of all around the world, aiming to create connections, to exchange initiatives to positively change the world. Help me go to the summit this year :)
by laurafatio, Bogotá
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Film, Politics, and Kids / Youth

Last Year of Congo Mirador

A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.
by Anabel & Sepp, Congo Mirador
100% funded
EUR 15’080 pledged
99 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

The GUARDIANS of the Forest

The project aims to support indigenous people in the Amazon region during the 2020 COVID-19 global crisis. That project aims to provide communities with basic necessities and medical supplies.
by MetareProject, Laure Vancau, and Sara Botero Mesa, Leticia
100% funded
CHF 10’047 pledged
135 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

Landrechte für Indigene

Die indigene Gemeinschaft der Tupinambá braucht Unterstützung, damit sie ihre Landrechte einfordern und ihren Lebensraum, den Amazonas-Regenwald, vor illegalen Eindringlingen schützen kann.
by Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Santarém
104% funded
CHF 8’350 pledged
106 backers
Politics and Community

Swiss Youth in Marrakech

Swiss Youth for Climate is going to COP22 in Marrakech in order to make sure that the promises born from the Paris Agreement adopted last year at COP21 are translated in concrete & ambitious actions.
by Swiss Youth for Climate, Marrakesh
112% funded
CHF 5’640 pledged
57 backers
Film, Politics, and Community

Elles, les (in)visibles

A documentary film on the lived realities of undocumented women in Geneva. They live in Geneva, they clean our offices, our houses, take care of your families, yet they remain invisible.
by Maegriff, Geneva
215% funded
CHF 8’629 pledged
130 backers
Politics and Performing Arts

Le Corona Circus

Le P’tit Music’Hohl a besoin de votre aide ! Dû au COVID-19, nous avons été contraints d'écourter la fin de la saison mais cela nous a permis de revenir encore plus fort avec le CORONA CIRCUS!
by P'tit Music'Hohl, Geneva
105% funded
CHF 5’260 pledged
8 backers
Agriculture, Politics, and Environment

Stop Huile De Palme

Pour un référendum contre l’accord avec l’Indonésie qui comprend de l’huile de palme dont la production industrielle est néfaste pour l’environnement, la santé et les suisses et indonésien
by Stop Huile De Palme, Geneva
8% funded
CHF 881 pledged
9 backers
Film, Politics, and Festival

Vive le cinéma palestinien !

Depuis 2012, PFC’E projette chaque année plus d'une 20aine de fictions et de documentaires palestiniens et invite cinq cinéastes palestinienNEs à échanger et débattre avec le public romand.
by PFC'E, Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds
30% funded
CHF 1’835 pledged
19 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

Billets train - Manif Climat

Pour qu'un maximum de personnes romandes puissent participer à la manifestation pour le climat du 28 septembre à Berne, nous voulons acheter autant de billets de train que possible !
by Grève Climat Genève, Geneva, Lausanne, and Bern
34% funded
CHF 1’745 pledged
49 backers
Politics and Community

Support for asylum hearings

We provide free online legal aid to asylum seekers and accompany them to their asylum interviews. In order to further cover the travel costs of our volunteers, we need your help!
by AsyLex, Basel, Geneva, and Zürich
112% funded
CHF 3’368 pledged
51 backers
Film, Politics, and Festival

Le cinéma palestinien existe

Avec leurs films,les cinéastes palestiniens affirment l’existence d’un peuple,d’une culture non reconnus. Par leurs regards nous saisissons la réalité de cette terre. Contribuez à les faire connaître!
by PFC'E, Geneva and Lausanne
106% funded
CHF 5’320 pledged
43 backers