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Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Creating Coromandel: a book

A book about Marco Zanuso's architecture in South Africa. Although famous for his industrial designs, his design methodology impacted Southern African architecture and is still relevant today!
by Edna, Coromandel, Reggio Emilia, and Santarem
14% funded
EUR 2’985 pledged
39 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Il libro di NoPlace 3

La pubblicazione del libro di NoPlace, la mostra del 49º Premio Suzzara tenutasi il 17 settembre 2016, alla quale hanno partecipato 496 artisti provenienti da vari paesi europei.
by NoPlace.Space, Suzzara
102% funded
EUR 7’936 pledged
118 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Ausstellung #iorestoacasa

«Was siehst du, wenn du aus dem Fenster schaust?» Du hättest diese Ausstellung auch gerne gesehen? Hilf mit, dann ist schon bald eine virtuelle Besichtigung möglich und wir überwinden Raum und Zeit!
by konzept&klartext, Govone
100% funded
CHF 4’800 pledged
17 backers
Photography and Publishing

Verdi in posa

Verdi posing is about to become a very important cultural project, we requested patronage of the Presidency of the Republic and the City of Milan.
by Città & Tempo, Milan
0% funded
EUR 25 pledged
1 backer
Publishing and Literature

Our books in the world

We submit to you our project of translation and diffusion abroad of our books in German, French and English. Choose and read!
by WLM Edizioni, Stezzano
0% funded
EUR 7 pledged
1 backer
Publishing and Literature


Libro di poesie in italiano. Pubblicazione e presentazione. Cartografie é un libro di poesie che può definirsi esistenzialista e per momenti surrealista.
by adamaria, Chiasso
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Publishing and Literature

«PIRIN» english version

Translate in English the novels of «PIRIN» trilogy, whose fantasy universe is already appreciated by players all over the world thanks to the videogame «Eselmir and the five magical gifts»
by Sebastiano Brocchi, Collina d'Oro
1% funded
EUR 65 pledged
5 backers
Publishing and Art

l’AM – the catalog

A year later the success of l’AM – l’Arte della Memoria, we decided to collect all our memories in a catalog-box. To realize it we need your help!
by Sébastien Peter, Collina d'Oro
11% funded
CHF 1’140 pledged
16 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing

The Point and Shoot Series

Appunti visivi raccolti in un libro fotografico contenente ottanta immagini da negativo colore realizzate da Giuseppe Chietera e Fabio Tasca con fotocamere compatte nell'arco di quindici anni.
by The Point and Shoot Series, Lugano
103% funded
CHF 7’265 pledged
57 backers
Photography and Publishing

South of no North

Noi siamo il paesaggio che creiamo. E il paesaggio che creiamo parla del nostro passato, del nostro presente e può svelarci il nostro futuro. South of no North è un progetto fotografico.
by Igor, Lugano
112% funded
CHF 4’490 pledged
39 backers
Publishing, Comics, and Literature

Corvi+Topi, graphic novel

Corvi + Topi (Krähen + Mäuse) ist eine Graphic-Novel für Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Die Handlung spielt in der italienischen Schweiz in einer nicht allzu fernen Zukunft. Es ist ein Thriller mit Humor, der den sich verändernden sozialen Staat erzählt.
by Timothy Hofmann, Lugano
28% funded
CHF 5’650 pledged
20 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Foce, visual memory project.

A photographic book on the metamorphosis of a historic landmark, the Mouth of the River Cassarate.
by Igor, Lugano
23% funded
CHF 2’621 pledged
27 backers