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Science and Community

Die Zukunft des Sozialstaates

Der 12th Dialogue on Science der Academia Engelberg, 15. – 17. Oktober 2013, befasst sich mit den Herausforderungen und der Zukunft des Sozialstaates.
by Academia Engelberg, Engelberg
100% funded
CHF 1’000 pledged
10 backers
Science and Community

Power of the Masses

We unite geography students from all over Europe, promoting intercultural dialoge. In the spirit of our congress theme, we need the «Power of the Masses» – you, too!
by EGEA Zürich, Zürich and Kerns
121% funded
CHF 3’639 pledged
40 backers
Science, Community, and Sport

Swiss Sports History

Wir sind Mike, Simon und Fabiano von der Uni Luzern und erzählen die vielfältige Schweizer Sportgeschichte! Ob analog oder digital, ob jung oder alt, ob arm oder reich: für alle ist etwas dabei!
by Swiss Sports History, Lucerne
100% funded
CHF 20’100 pledged
116 backers
Exhibition, Science, and Technology

Vegetables on the moon

How can we feed astronauts in environments where no life exists? We are building a highly efficient system that can offer the optimal conditions for vegetables to grow sustainably, even on a moon.
by Edi, Lucerne and Wädenswil
186% funded
CHF 11’215 pledged
48 backers
Science, Community, and Education

ReSeq: Reuse DNA Sequencers

We want to reuse older DNA sequencers and turn them into advanced instruments for more general scientific research. Help us develop software so everyone can repurpose and avoid wasting these machines.
by kaspar, jmarkham, and bengtsjolen, Lucerne
200% funded
CHF 10’048 pledged
27 backers
Science, Politics, and Community

Support human rights!

At the University of Lucerne, students from developing countries learn and do research about current human rights issues. Support students who will implement human rights in their home countries!
by, Lucerne
7% funded
CHF 615 pledged
12 backers
Science and Education

Foodautonomie für Luzern?!

Der Trend Urban Gardening aus New York pflanzt sich jetzt auch langsam in Luzern fort. Meine Maturaarbeit erklärt, um was es sich genau handelt und mit einem Experiment will ich den Trend untersuchen.
by Chiara98, Lucerne
258% funded
CHF 2’581 pledged
29 backers
Science and Food

Luzerner Space Beer

Our Space Beer has a special ingredient – Zero gravity. To continue the production of the Space Beer, we need your contribution. Support our project and get a taste of space!
by Zero-G, Lucerne
0% funded
CHF 100 pledged
2 backers
Science, Community, and Education

Stipendien Schreibberatung

Sponsoring/Stipendium für ein Schreibcoaching für Studierende mit geringen Mitteln.
by Ingo, Bern and Thun
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Science and Community

psyCH trainers' school 2017

Die trainers’ school 17 startet ihre dritte Runde! Unterstütze ein Projekt von Studenten für Studenten!
by trainers' school 17, Wyssachen
158% funded
CHF 1’580 pledged
19 backers
Science, Startup, and Education

Lernen in VR

Hirnoptimiertes Lernen mit VR-Anwendungen (Virtuelle Realität): Unsere Apps sind für 3D-Brillen optimiert, aber auch via Internetbrowser am PC, Laptop und Handy nutzbar.
by BrunoKaltbrunner, Zug
4% funded
CHF 1’400 pledged
9 backers
Science, Photography, and Art

Art of Science Exhibition

A stylish contemporary art collection revealing a spectacular collision between art and science. Help to bring this unique and beautiful collection to Switzerland for a public exhibition.
by creagenzia, Zürich, Zug, and Lucerne
15% funded
CHF 1’325 pledged
3 backers