Tofu is an amazing product, versatile, healthy, and plant-based. Equally enjoyed by meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. The problem! Authentic Tofu is not sold in Europe. We will change that.

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Tofu is as varied and complex as cheese and fine wine

Myth: Tofu is bland and boring. A meat alternative for vegetarians.

Fact: Tofu—when made in an authentic way—is as varied and complex as cheese and fine wine. Its use is versatile and fits well in the typical Swiss/European cuisine.

Problem: Authentic, high quality tofu is hard to find in Switzerland/Europe.

The solution: YUMETOFU

Mass-produced supermarket-tofu is, unfortunately, the only type of tofu most people know. We aim at redefining the image of tofu—tofu is not a meat substitute, but a product in its own right—tofu is tofu! Tofu is ingrained in Asian culture and history, and its versatility makes it equally useful in the typical Swiss/European cuisine, together with cheese, wine, sausages, ham, and beer. We believe our handmade, fresh tofu will open your eyes and convince you about its potential as a healthy and sustainable protein source.

Authentic, fresh and sustainable

We believe authentic tofu is a food category with great potential.

When we say: tofu is tofu, tofu is not a meat replacement. We refer to the typical use by vegetarians. However, focus on sustainability, means we are experiencing significant societal changes. Consumption patterns are shifting away from meat and meat-based products towards plant-based alternatives. No matter which diet a person follows today, plant-based protein will play a more prominent role in the future.

YUMETOFU will be perfectly positioned to benefit from this change. Our dual strategy of 1) Focus on sustainability, freshness and locally sourced ingredients differentiate YUMETOFU from supermarket-tofu, and 2) Our commitment to change the image of tofu, gets us in contact with consumers who might not otherwise have considered tofu.

Sustainability is at the heart of YUMETOFU. We make authentic Japanese tofu, using locally sourced organic soybeans and nigari.

Support YUMETOFU and make it happen

We originate from different parts of the world (Japan and Perú), but share the same critical view on the quality of the food we eat. Having both traveled the world, we can with confidence say—what connects our two cultures is the importance of the food—the dedication of its preparation, and the importance of flavor (no surprise that Tokyo and Lima are considered two of the culinary capitals of the world).

Flavor is everything and we wish to prove the fact stated above: Authentic tofu is as varied and complex as cheese and fine wine. Its use is versatile, and fits well in the typical Swiss cuisine.

YUMETOFU is how we will do that. We are close, but we need your help to reach the goal. You can either contribute directly or sign up for one of the exciting rewards and let yourself be convinced, surprised, and delighted over what will come.