NOW Care Instant Soaps

Startup, Community, and Environment
We’re explorers, We’re curious, We're NOW Care.
Make minimal-waste your lifestyle with our instant soap powder. Powder + Water + Shake = a practical and earth-friendly shower.
by NOW Care - Larina, Lausanne and Bern
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Nina Dimitri + Band / new CD

Nina Dimitri launches a new CD with self-written songs in Italian and you have the chance to support and to be a part of this project, with wonderful rewards: the CD, private concerts and much more..
by ninadimitri, Locarno
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Lebensqualität verschenken

Um selbstständig leben zu können benötigen wir Zwei ein Elektromobil das uns die Versicherungen verwehren. Ich, Thomas bin gehbehindert nach zwei Amputationen. Liliane nach Diagnose Leukämie kraftlos.
by Thomas & Liliane Stähli-Tiziani, Liebefeld
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