A graduate of the École supérieure d’art visuel (ESAV, today called the Haute École d’Art et de Design, HEAD), Ariane Arlotti lives and works in Geneva. Her artistic research stems from photography, where she has developped the themes of portrait and auto-portrait (Portraits aux fruits, 2001 ; Portraits aux pierres, 2002 ; Autoportraits à deux, 2003). The spectator’s gaze forms an integral part of her work (Vous êtes étranger ? À quoi, 2002 ; Hétéropride2050, 2004). She has set up two collectives which intervened in the public space, l’Organisation mondiale de la réflexion, OMR (2001-02) and les Artistes associés homosexuels, AAH (2002-06). In 2008, Ariane Arlotti begins her artistic research on the allegoric body. She presents the exhibition Le Corps politique, and prepares the next two installments, the « religious body » and the « athletic body » Since 1996, she alternates between her artistic activities and photographic assignments for cultural institutions and private organisations in Switzerland and France. She has also been a City of Geneva councillor (2007-11).