Agriturismo L'UPUPA

Agriculture, Community, and Tourism
We are a small olive farm in Salve, Puglia, Italy and in the last steps to open our Agri-Camping. We are inviting like-minded people to join our project and support us.
by Makoto - Agriturismo L'UPUPA, Salve
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Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.
by Donat Kaufmann, Baden
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120 Jahre Fussballgeschichte

Publishing, Journalism, and Sport
Erstmals wird die Geschichte des FC Winterthur recherchiert und in zwei wunderschönen Büchern erzählt: Mit über 2000 Fotografien, 100 Reportagen und unzähligen Illustrationen.
by Jerzovskaja, Winterthur and Zurich
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Kino Xenix Posters: 1981–2013

Publishing, Film, and Design
Highlights from over 30 years of Kino Xenix’s poster history in the form of a book. Enhanced with portraits of graphic designers, movie lovers and characters from the «Chreis Cheib» neighborhood.
by APPLAUS Verlag, Frau Diethelm, and Albanese Grafik, Zurich
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Balkan Xpress

Exhibition and Film
Seven film makers from Ex-Yugoslavia are going on a road trip together from Macedonia to Winterthur to visit the International Short Film Festival in November 2012.
by Ivana Kvesic, Belgrade, Winterthur, and Ljubljana
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