Empowering Indigenous Women.

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment
Do you know why the empowerment of indigenous women is so important? Indigenous women have their unique knowledge, which is very useful and effective for sustainable development initiatives.
by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Padre Abad
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Safe place in Nairobi

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
In Nairobi we need your help NOW! Women & children are confronted with violence and abuse every day! We want to offer them protection NOW and help them become independent.
by Happy-place, Nairobi
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Ländliche Schulen Argentinie

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
Bildung ist Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft! Wir unterstützen ein Wanderschulprojekt in den ländlichen Gebieten Argentiniens: Helfen Sie uns beim Kauf von Lehrmaterial.
by Associazione ANTARES, Puerto Rico and Cugnasco-Gerra
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