Healing Prajjwal, together!

Our little brother Prajjwal has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer untreatable in Nepal. Help us get him first-rate treatment in Switzerland!
by Johann Recordon and Reema (Sujeeta) Recordon, Basel, Lausanne, and Kathmandu
153% funded
CHF 61’515 pledged
465 backers

Micro-ferme urbaine

Agriculture and Community
L’association MULE a pour but d’intégrer l’agriculture bio-intensive dans la ville. Nous lançons notre ferme à Prilly sur des terrains communaux ! Aide nous à financer le début de notre aventure !
by Tête de MULE, Prilly
111% funded
CHF 16’700 pledged
135 backers

Rañute - For Women, Period.

Fashion, Community, and Environment
The only store where women will find everything they need for their ovarian cycle, a place to look, touch and receive advice. Help us finance our 1st Pop-Up concept store!
by Rañute, Lausanne and Renens
215% funded
CHF 21’557 pledged
276 backers

Epicerie La Brouette

Food, Community, and Environment
La Brouette ouvrira en septembre à Lausanne! Ce projet coopératif propose des produits locaux, bios, vendus en vrac. Les acteurs principaux ne sont autres que les producteurs et les clients!
by Epicerie La Brouette, Lausanne
155% funded
CHF 62’102 pledged
656 backers


«Enora» is the next short movie of the Swiss collective Bad Taste Pictures. It tells the story of Enora, a young alien who crashes on Earth in an Italian forest during the second World War.
by Collectif Bad Taste Pictures, Fribourg, Lausanne, and Semsales
138% funded
CHF 16’670 pledged
141 backers