Eco-polar expedition boat

Art, Sport, and Environment
Non-profit organisation MaréMotrice is going to install an electric engine in its boat. All electricity needed by the new engine will be produced on board, emission free.
by MaréMotrice and Mélina & Ben, Fribourg, Longyearbyen, and Nuuk
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So British ! So Marvellous !

Performing arts and Festival
Oh my God! Entre Shakespeare et les Monty Python, ce spectacle d’humour anglais emballe le public depuis 2014. Et maintenant, cap sur le festival d’Avignon. Embarquez et vivez l'aventure avec nous !
by Cie De Facto, Avignon
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Film, Design, and Sport
Short fiction movie where the main character is an infernal machine which is ignited by a pair of cyclists in a post-apocalyptic scenery where only biomechanical energy remains.
by eyeshot, Neuchâtel
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