Liquid Love Palace 2018



Liquid Love Palace 2018

by Liquid Love Palace Team

For this year's Nowhere Burning Man Event we want to co-create a beautiful Dome - Palace to offer the Liquid Love Experience and the opportunity to get involved to everyone on the Playa.

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EUR 3’375
50 backers
Steve! CD Produktion


Lucerne, Basel, and Bern

Nach diversen Konzerten im Jahr 2014 nimmt STEVE! im März seine erste CD auf. Wir brauchen deine Unterstützung!

126 %
CHF 4’430
37 backers
unboxing cycles - the hub

Startup, Community, and Education

Zürich, Geneva, and Lugano

unboxing cycles - the hub

by unboxing cycles, Maja Juzwiak, and Marina Hagen

join us in breaking the taboo and creating the pioneering online platform for learning, understanding, and communicating about the menstrual cycle and hormonal health!

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CHF 15’251
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