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Tokyo Data’s Art Book #1

by Tokyo Data Collective

The artist collective Tokyo Data is on its way to create a unique hand made silkscreen publication. Donate and get your limited edition with our eternal gratefulness!

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Film and Music


The Department of Misfortunes

by Benoît Gisler (The aerocharribang)

The Department of Misfortunes is an interactive show based on this concept: A stop-motion animation is projected and the public can vote and thus choose how the story will unfold. Eight musicians play the score live.

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Film and Music


Videoclip Don Clemenza

by Christoph Steiner

HILDEGARD LERNT FLIEGEN will release their fourth album in March 2014 and for the song DON CLEMENZA, Maria Sigrist will produce a Video. To really fly, Hildegard needs sound and image!

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