Cassette Culture Node.Linz

Exhibition, Music, and Community
is an exhibition on Cassette Culture that is due to take place in Linz
in the spring of 2018 with your help. It is about taking a look at the
world with a tape in your hand.
by Wolfgang Dorninger, Linz
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Saving: Die Stadt ohne Juden

Film and Community
DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN / THE CITY WITHOUT JEWS (1924) is one of the most significant films in the history of Austrian cinema and it is a socio-political monument. Help us to save it from decaying!
by Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna
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Puppen sterben besser!

Performing arts and Kids / Youth
Florian Feisel ist Grenzgänger zwischen den Künsten. Das Figurentheater LILARUM lädt ihn mit seinen Stücken «Der Herzkasper» (5+) und «Puppen sterben besser» (Erwachsene) zu einem Gastspiel nach Wien.
by Figurentheater LILARUM, Vienna
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20 years «owf» Sri Lanka

Publishing, Community, and Art
Authors, artists and experts describe in a book how a guest house in Sri Lanka succeeded in financing a school and thereby generating social, cultural and intellectual capital.
by one world foundation, Wathuregama and Vienna
100% funded
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