Leanne VanderHart

Morgiana and the 40 Thieves

Music, art, and Literature


Morgiana and the 40 Thieves

by Chanda VanderHart, Johanna Lacroix, and Rima Al-Juburi

Morgiana and the 40 Thieves is a beautiful storybook & CD featuring music for violin & piano & colorful illustrations. It reenvisions the classic fairytale, centering a strong, female protagonist.

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EUR 12’665
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Talespin Book & CD: Monkey

Music, Kids / Youth, and Literature


Talespin Book & CD: Monkey

by Chanda Vanderhart and Johanna Lacroix

Help Talespin, Musical Tales for Big & Small produce their first children's musical story book, «The Monkey who Looked for Trouble», available in German, English and French

120 %
EUR 7’245
79 backers

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