Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3

The climate needs our continued commitment! With your help, the Impact Fund supports crowdfunding projects for a greener future for the third time. Time is running out, so get involved!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
121% funded
CHF 302’560 pledged
3208 backers

New Wave Cooking

Food, Environment, and Education
Make ZERO-WASTE Online Cooking Classes, with Pro Chef Jo a reality - and save the planet from your own kitchen! Reimagine food, reduce pollution, eat healthy, and save money too. What’s not to love!
by Chef Jo, Basel
101% funded
CHF 20’373 pledged
112 backers

Frauensession im Bundeshaus

Politics and Community
An der Frauensession werden 246 Frauen im Nationalratssaal ihre wichtigsten Gleichstellungsanliegen diskutieren. Anschliessend überreichen sie Bundesrat und Parlament ihre dringlichen Forderungen.
by alliance F, Bern
102% funded
CHF 41’165 pledged
324 backers

Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.
by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit, Zürich and Vienna
216% funded
CHF 541’690 pledged
2323 backers

Webplattform Bildungsforum CH

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
In der Schweizer Bildungslandschaft entsteht eine Informations- Vernetzungs- und Kollaborationsplattform für die Bildung.
by Bildungsforum Schweiz, Zürich and Bern
107% funded
CHF 32’159 pledged
165 backers